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EvoCortex: iPhone App Video Review

EvoCortex for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Are you a fan of iOS puzzlers? Do you spend all your time busting your brain over the latest puzzling app for the platform, desperately arranging levels, memorizing numbers, and racking your noodle for that long-lost bit of trivia information? If so, do we ever have an app to recommend: EvoCortex, by developer Neuron Industries, comes packed to the gills with incredible puzzles for you to strain your way through. The title’s unbridled dedication to memorization and problem solving make it an easy sell to fans of the genre, as well as casual gamers alike. All in all, check below beyond the break for our full thoughts on this killer mind bender for the iPhone!

Concept and Gameplay

We’re tempted to call EvoCortex an amalgam of several different mini-games, but then again, that just wouldn’t be doing the app justice. Instead, we’ll say this: EvoCortex comes loaded with six unique memorization challenges, each of which offers a unique slant on the same premise. In each stage, the player is given a simple task, such as memorizing the order of a six letter string, or three different shapes. Then, the app asks a series of three questions about the previous pattern. It’s up to the player to remember the details, choosing the correct answer from the multiple choice list that’s produced. To be sure, this is an experience that’s difficult to master, and if you’re like us, you’ll likely fail out a few times before getting the hang of things. That being said, once the pattern had been established, and we’d found our “groove,” EvoCortex truly blossomed, offering an incredibly rewarding puzzling experience beneath our fingers.

Design and Controls

EvoCortex for iPhone

EvoCortex for iPhone

We have to hand it to the developers: EvoCortex looks exquisite on the iPhone’s Retina Display. The colors pop, the typography shines, and the games themselves are crystal clear. We had no problem controlling the action, either, as the game supplied all of the interactive elements on a rolling basis, requiring us only to tap a response. We liked all of the included games, though we were particularly fond of the “rune” mode. No matter how we sliced the app, though, EvoCortex provided a consistently challenging and rewarding gaming experience that hit our puzzle-spots just right. Best of all, the app comes with Game Center integration and a rolling high score: Each time you complete a puzzle, your score gets an increase, allowing for an extreme amount of online competition, should any parties be interested.

Overall Value

EvoCortex is free in the App Store, though it does come encumbered with advertisements. However, this hardly detracts from the engaging, puzzling experience, and should you wish to remove the ads, doing so will only cost you $0.99. At the end of the day, EvoCortex is an unbeatable bargain, with six unique puzzle mechanics, a gorgeous interface, and a never-ending high score tab. The app is a favorite of ours in the genre, and if you’re a brain-buster fan, EvoCortex is a must-have.

EvoCortex for iPhoneEvoCortex requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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