Derby Star: Equine Racing at its Best

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Derby Star: iPhone Video App Review

Derby Star iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Think you have what it takes to raise and race the next Derby Star? This horse racing app from Tapsy is unmatched in detail and combines several elements we’ve seen in other equine-themed apps for a stellar gaming experience. Check out our iPhone app review of Derby Star to see if there’s a rosette out there with your name on it.



Concept & Gameplay:

In Derby Star you run a stable, manage a carefully selective breeding program, keep your horses happy with treats, complete trainings to up your horses’ stats and compete in races. Oh boy, do you race. Brand new racers start out competing in qualifying matches where the higher you stand the better the payout. Then you’ll battle through Derby Class, all in the name of competing in the Derby Star Cup. This tiered approach to racing makes getting into the game easy and fun.

Derby Star supplements its unique race style gameplay with beautiful graphics and an intricate training program you’ll use to boost your racer’s stats. You can even upgrade gear for faster results.

In other words, this app is a whole lotta fun. We love that it includes feeding, breeding and upgrade systems, but racing is the real star of this pony show. During races you’ll use skills honed by the app’s detailed training mini games to get a quick start, vie for the best position and pull away from the pack on the back stretch. It’s just plain exciting.

Layout & Design:

Derby Star iPhone App Review

Derby Star

The 3D renderings really pop in Derby Star. Not only are the horses beautiful, but every page is crafted with thoughtful detail. Controlling your hose during mini games and races is quite easy, especially if you spend some time with the app’s detailed tutorials. Most of the game controls are translucent and located at the bottom of the screen, so they won’t interrupt the action.

Everything about this game is clear and simple to navigate. A realistic racing soundtrack and animated crowd help keep the app exciting. We weren’t huge fans of the visibility during races, especially ones with tight packs of horses, but that’s probably a pretty accurate description of what it’s like to get stuck in the pack. Despite this minor complaint, it’s truly a delight to play Derby Star

Overall Value:

As long as you have an iOS device with enough juice to support Derby Star’s advanced graphics, you’re going to have a lot of fun playing this game. Downloading the app and accessing all the features is completely free (bet you didn’t see that one coming) which is amazing for an app that’s this good.

Of course, to get ahead, build a bigger stable and really dig in to the game, you’re probably going to need to buy some in app currency. Minimum purchases start at $4.99. Rarely have we been so tempted to turn out our pockets for a game, and around here, that’s says something special about the title. In other words, we highly suggest you get your hands on this app, especially if you love horses.

Derby Star iPhone App QR Code

Derby Star



Derby Star iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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7 Responses to “Derby Star: Equine Racing at its Best”

  1. John Reese says:


    I’m the Founder/CEO of Tapsy and just wanted to say “Thanks!” for giving Derby Star such a great review! We really appreciate it.

    Our team worked very hard on this game for A FULL YEAR so a lot went into it.

    We’ve got tons of great stuff in the works for future updates – racing and breeding with friends, tournaments, and more!

    Thanks again!

  2. Thomas says:

    Hi Tapsy, Derby Star is fun, I played by did not survive. Wat is this secret code about? Can u help me to continue playing again? Appreciate it ????

  3. Horse Lover says:

    Hi, I want to start a new game but i dont know how?

  4. Ken says:

    May i know whats the secret code about? This game is fun but i think if it’s possible to improve it by adding it more likely the ‘My Horse’ game?
    Also, training wise can be improved. Sometimes Lag, den my training jus failed.
    Lastly, this game is fun! But hard to survive.

  5. Shane b. says:

    I have been playing this game for awhile and not seeing much winning or anything.
    Maybe it’s just me, but, it seems like it’s taking forever to even really get started with this game…
    What’s this secret code about?
    Anything will help!

  6. Austin Reynolds says:

    This game is the best horse racing game on the AppStore. If you like being a jockey it’s the greatest. The training is fun and easy.for people saying it’s hard to survive the key is to get all skills about the same and whip in intervals of about 5-7 seconds. I love it!

  7. Tiffany Haines says:

    Hi tapsy
    I heard about this game a few weeks ago and have looked at reviews on it and seen that it was already out, but I have not gotten the game on my iphone 4s or my ipad. I was wondering why that was because the game is supposed to be on the devices. I have been anxiously waiting for this game and kinda bummed out that I can’t play it. I have played Derby Quest and loved it so I thought that this game would be better. I just wish that I could play it. I was just wondering why I havent gotten it yet.

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