Car Crusher: Physics, Cars, and Endless Smashing

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Car Crusher: iPhone App Video Review

Car Crusher for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

We’re something like the World’s Biggest physics game hounds: Seriously. We can’t get enough of any app that has us flinging, bouncing, rolling, or smashing our way to success, level after level. With that in mind, we’re particularly stoked to introduce you to one of our new favorite kicks, Car Crusher, by developer AppInTheBox. The app satisfies our every need to stretch our brains, bend the laws of gravity, and—in this case—even smash some vehicles to bloody bits. All in all, it’s a stellar package, and with a bargain-bin price attached, Car Crusher is easily one of the best iOS physics games we’ve seen in a long time.

Concept and Gameplay

The concept behind Car Crusher is relatively simple: For whatever reason, you play as a man with too many cars, an endless number contraptions, and one solid car crusher. The object of each level (of which there are truly mountains and mountains) is to guide a car from a magnet picker to a crusher at the bottom. Along the way, the car must hit the three money bags that are strategically positioned. These bags server as point bonuses, as well as targets for additional trophies. In much the same way that a player is rewarded for devastatingly destroying all the elements on an Angry Birds level, so does Car Crusher reward its players for ingeniously and quickly nabbing all three loads, while still guiding the car to its final resting place.

The developers have concocted a truly marvelous number of objects to both enrich and complicate the gameplay. Players will be able to roll, bump, fling, and even suck their car around the level, making the Car Crusher concept one that takes only seconds to learn, but potentially hours to master.

Graphics and Level Design

Car Crusher for iPhone

Car Crusher for iPhone

The graphics themselves are pretty good, too, all things considered. Car Crusher isn’t exactly the prettiest app we’ve ever seen, but the sprites are certainly adequate enough to not grab our attention during gameplay. On a more important note, the physics engine used here is spot-on, and behaved exactly as we expected it to. Likewise, the levels are brilliantly clever, offering enough complexity to warrant several minutes of hard study apiece. We also greatly appreciated the fact that our objects remained where we placed them, even when we failed the level. This made it easier to adjust our set-up, and to compensate for errors.

Overall Value

At the end of the day, Car Crusher is an endlessly creative and always engaging physics puzzler for the iPhone and iPad that’s easily worth its weight in solid App Gold. With a total of 64 levels across 4 stages, there’s more than enough content to keep the player occupied. Best of all, Car Crusher only costs a dollar in the App Store, making it a tremendous bargain for the price of entry. If you’re into physics puzzling on the iPhone, Car Crusher is a must-have for your next morning commute.

Car Crusher for iPhoneCar Crusher requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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