Bubble Bust!: Simple to Learn, Hours to Master

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Bubble Bust!: iPhone App Video Review

Bubble Bust! for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

One of the smoothest and most easily enjoyed genres on the iPhone is the classic match-three genre. There’s just something about a game that exemplifies touch controls, gorgeous graphics, and a basic concept that gets our engines going. Bubble Bust!, by developer GameOn, is exactly such a title. The app offers everything we love in a good matching game, down to the incredible power-ups, and all the way back up to the stellar top-down graphics. For our full thoughts on this killer, marble-based shooter game for the iPhone, check below beyond the break!

Concept and Gameplay

As stated, Bubble Bust! falls squarely in the match-three genre, drawing upon dozens of previous titles to create an entirely engaging amalgam of the app’s predecessors. The app presents the player with a board full of marbles (and other various obstacles and oddities) which must be eliminated to progress to the next level. Along the bottom of the screen, the player is presented with a loaded marble. This color-coded orb must be lobbed into the fray, and if placed next to two or more of its like-colored buddies, the whole kit and kabootle gets removed from play. It’s a simple concept, and one we’ve seen before at least an hundred times, but one that simply never gets old on the iPhone.

Furthermore, the developers have taken great pains to ensure the gameplay never becomes blasé. There’s a whole mound of power-ups, as well as in-game items that not only change the way the game is played, but offer new strategical road bumps to navigate. Not only is the player allowed to use such varied power-ups as a fireball or set of bombs, but the bubbles themselves change: Modifying the board in sometimes small, and sometimes drastic ways. All in all, it’s an incredible offering, and one that’s endlessly engaging.

Graphics and Controls

Bubble Bust! for iPhone

Bubble Bust! for iPhone

Best of all, the game’s graphics are above-average, to boot. The marbles are gorgeously drawn, and the physics engine included here behaved exactly as we’d like it to. We greatly enjoyed watching the other marbles jiggle and wiggle when hit, especially when they did so in response to a particularly well-placed hit. Likewise, we also enjoyed the varied level design: Though the gameplay mechanic remains the same throughout, each level brings a new strategic element that must be navigated, providing a refreshing experience with each new stage.

Overall Value

In the latest update alone, the developers have included a whopping 14 new levels, adding to an already titanic amount of content. As the game progresses, and more updates bring even more additional levels, we can only look with lighter eyes at Bubble Bust!’s $0.99 price tag. The game is an absolute steal, boasting gorgeous graphics, a stunning gameplay mechanic, and endless innovation.

Bubble Bust!Bubble Burst! requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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