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b.bear abc: iPad Video App Review

b.bear abc iPad app review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

The new b.bear abc app for iPad introduces children to the alphabet in a supportive environment. This app from vroomity features beautiful illustrations and straight forward learning reinforcement to ensure success even with the littlest learner. Our iPad app review of b.bear abc will show you how to use this app to unleash its full potential.


B.bear abc is a very simple application. It only contains lower case letters, hence the name. The app reinforces letter learning through repetition and visual cues. First the app presents a letter on the screen. Then your child touches the letter. Every time they touch the letter it appears again on the screen, usually in a slightly different way. For example, a letter may appear handwritten as opposed to typed. This is very smart way to get children used to recognizing letters even if they are drawn by different people.

After the letter is repeated on screen and aloud several times, the app asks you to identify the letter that was just represented from a lineup of three letters. If the correct letters is tapped the app cues up a fun related drawing and repeats the letter yet again. If the incorrect letter is chosen the app does not offer any negative reinforcement, it just removes the incorrect letter from the line up and asks that the correct one be identified again

We really love the soothing, mild voices used in this app. The letters are read by a child, while the questions are asked by an adult. The art work is lovely, and is a great way to encourage letter recognition, building a foundation for future reading. However, only some words have custom drawings, which is a bit disappointing. We expected each word to have a scene, and hope the app continues to expand to include more pictures in the future. Also, we wish the app would say the name of the item in the picture for added reinforcement. The fact that the app is silent about the art work indicates a missed educational opportunity.


b.bear abc iPad app review

b.bear abc

The b.bear abc app is run by touch, which makes it ideal for little hands. We found it a bit difficult to touch the right spot to keep the app moving sometimes, and undoubtedly children will find it similarly difficult to touch a letter in just the right way. A wider range of acceptable input would be helpful.

Other than the occasional input issue, b.bear abc runs exceptionally well. It makes very good use of the iPad’s extended screen real estate and presents a delightful place for learning and success.

Overall Value:

This is one kid-friendly app. There are no advertisements in b.bear abc, and absolutely no outside links, making it the kind of app you never mind handing to your child. The price is also right on target. It’s hard to find great iPad apps for just $.99, but b.bear abc manages to be just that. We suggest this application for very young learners just getting a handle on the ABCs, and hope the app continues to improve in the future.

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b.bear abc



b.bear abc iPhone app requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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