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Annoying Christmas: iPhone Written App Review

Annoying Christmas iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Forget those boring holiday cards covered in glitter and trees wearing scarves. Now you can create your very own customized holiday video greetings, then share them with the world. It’s all thanks to Annoying Christmas, an app from Baboonix which, despite the name, is actually pretty cool. Get ready to give it your best ho-ho-ho, our iPhone app review of Annoying Christmas may make your season even brighter.


Using any one of the five festive templates in Annoying Christmas you can add a video to the holiday scene. The app inserts your eyes and mouth in the template (to hilarious effect) and uses the audio in the recording to create holiday e-cards. Do you feel like singing a Christmas tune through a Santa hat? How about wishing the fam a happy holiday from the shining surface of an ornament? There are five templates in all.

You can also use the app to shoot your video content directly, just in case you don’t have an appropriate video in your library. Annoying Christmas utilizes a face outline to help you line up your shots. That’s a pretty simple, yet obviously awesome, way to make Christmas greetings.

Then it’s up to you to share. Upload the video to the Annoying Christmas YouTube account with a single touch, or save your hilarious holiday concoctions to your camera roll and do what you’d like with them. There’s even a single button share option that composes an email linked to the video on YouTube. So sharing is super convenient.

Layout & Design:

Annoying Christmas iPhone App Review

Annoying Christmas

The app itself works well and navigation is easy thanks to a logically organized bottom tab design. View your videos or the Annoying Christmas YouTube channel with ease.

The true stars of the Annoying Christmas iPhone app are the video templates. We were a little disappointed that there are only five of them, but what’s there is really good. The talking snowman is definitely our favorite, possibly because the eyes and lips appear where a face is supposed to be, so the effect is a bit less unsettling than the talking hat. After all, were not in the wizarding world of Harry Potter or something, right?


Once you choose a template and a video, the app takes a moment to combine them. A word of caution: do not interrupt this combination process. If you lock your phone or close the app or even breath too hard on your iPhone the app will stop and you’ll have to set up the video all over again. But the videos you record go straight to your camera roll, so it’s not too big of a deal.

Overall Value:

Annoying Christmas costs $.99. That’s much cheaper than buying Christmas cards, and it’s a lot more fun than writing them, too. So we definitely suggest adding this app to your holiday arsenal. It’s bound to be a hit at parties or just for passing the time on a snowy Christmas Eve.

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Annoying Christmas



Annoying Christmas iPhone app requires iOS 5.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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