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MahJong Dynasty: Heaps of Tiles, Mountains of Fun

TweetPrice: Free MahJong Dynasty: iPhone App Written Review We’ve always been huge fans of the classic MahJong tile game. There’s just something relaxing about the struggle and challenge of finding matching tiles in a set of hundreds that helps us find our chi. Thankfully, with MahJong Dynasty by developer Mizerov Petr, we can now enjoy […]


Top Model: We May Not Be, But This App Sure Is

TweetPrice: Free Top Model: iPhone App Video Review We may not be beauty queens—or even beauty court jesters—ourselves, but that doesn’t mean we can’t live the life of a top model on our iPhones using Top Model, by developer Animoca. This free application lets us uncage our inner model, freeing up hours of gameplay, as […]


Cherish: Capturing Those Kodak Moments Without the Kodak

TweetPrice:$0.99 Cherish: iPhone App Written Review Life moves too quickly: There’s no way around it. It seems like just yesterday Reagan was running the White House and Tears for Fears were still socially relevant. Still, just because time continues to march on does not mean you can’t savor some of the cuter moments on your […]


roll.ball.jump: Lowercase Name, Uppercase Fun

TweetPrice: $0.99 roll.ball.jump: iPhone App Written Review We don’t know if you remember, Whippersnappers, but back in the first days of the iPhone, real games were pretty darn hard to come by. We aren’t talking about basic puzzle faire, or some kind of online Solitaire fiesta: We mean real games. Things to keep us occupied […]


SpotCha!: Caught You Peeking (At Your Desktop)

TweetPrice: $0.99 SpotCha!: iPhone App Written Review In today’s world, it feels like we have more electronic devices than actual conveniences. Even though the messy cables and docks are gone, we still manage to lose our files in the muck: Or even worse, find them stuck on one device only, unable to move freely between […]


Tanks of Fury: Storming the Beaches (With Humor and Class)

TweetPrice: $0.99 Tanks of Fury: iPhone App Written Review In our time here at the iPhone App Review, we’ve seen our fair share of war simulations and physics puzzlers. However, rarely have we seen an app that seeks to combine the two playing fields, much less one that does it well, as Tanks of Fury, […]

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