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Stopango: Giving You That Street Savoir Faire

TweetPrice: Free Stopango: iPhone App Written Review No matter how you slice it, public transportation is a total mess. With so many routes, complicated timetables, and various daily obstructions, it’s a miracle that anyone manages to get around these days. However, thanks to the good folks down at, your daily commute into town just […]


XIMAD Christmas Book Bundle: Holiday Reading at its Best on the iPad

TweetPrice: Free to $1.99 We’ll be frank about this: We’ve had more children’s literature books and eBook renditions run across our iPad’s than a road in the American West has tumbleweeds. However, as battle weary as we might be, that experience hasn’t blinded us to the fact that developer XIMAD’s Christmas book bundle (including Twas […]


Pet It Out: So Much More Than A Physics Puzzler

TweetPrice: $0.99 Pet it Out: iPhone App Video Review If there’s one genre of application for the iPhone that’s been more overplayed than the physics puzzler, we don’t know what it is. After you’ve slogged through all the Angry Birds clones and Fruit Ninja variants, it might feel as if you’re stuck in a real […]