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Wake Up Your Brain with Smart Alarm Pro

TweetPrice: $.99 Rating: Smart Alarm Pro: iPhone Written App Review Are you a snooze button addict? Perpetually late for work due to oversleeping? One of those people who can snooze through takeoff on an airplane? If you answered yes to any of these questions you’ll love the latest in digital alarm clock technology from Vapssky. […]


Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Week

TweetWe didn’t know turkey leftovers could last this long! But even though we’re slogging through a pile of not-quite-stale Thanksgiving food doesn’t mean we haven’t been reviewing. No, we’ve got your Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Week lined up and ready to roll! But as an appetizer, have a quick look at […]


Santa’s Christmas Activity Book: Big Fun Coded by the Big Guy Himself

TweetPrice: $1.99 Santa’s Christmas Activity Book: iPad App Video Review We see a lot of applications for children here at the iPhone App Review. We aren’t complaining, but we have to admit, there are days when we feel like we’ve seen every possible combination of cutesy characters and entertaining mini-games under the sun. Thankfully, there […]