Wall Art: No Banksy Here, But Quality Murals Regardless

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Wall Art: iPhone App Written Review

Wall Art for iOS

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

We’ll admit it: We’ve been big fans of Pimp My Screen since its release. The endless possibilities, the never-ending amount of customization, as well as the sheer quality of the images themselves just keeps us coming back. That being said, we can safely announce we’ve found our replacement. Wall Art, by developer CRONO Lab offers an unprecedented way to create new wallpapers for your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, and all while preserving your own, unique vision. With a beautiful interface, stunning images, and an equally pleasing price tag, we can’t help but get our fingers messy in the app’s ink.

Concept and Functionality

Wall Art for iOS

Wall Art for iOS

Technically speaking, Wall Art does fall within the same genre as apps like Pimp My Screen, which serve as a compendium of wallpapers for your iDevice. The app allows its consumers to create, save, and add an unlimited number of images, each of which has already been optimized for the iPhone or iPad’s screen. However, where Wall Art differs is in its excellent construction and concept.

Rather than serving as a front-end for a basic set of Google Image filters, Wall Art makes custom use of hand-crafted art by artist Chris Van Gard. The man’s work is split in half, and then arranged across two different construction methods. There’s a vertical slider, which allows the user to slide both halves of the screen up or down, selecting from any number of combinations of Van Gard’s works. Similarly, there’s an H-Compose function that performs similarly, only going sideways, rather than up-or-down. It’s like those crazy sliders you played with as a kid, only now, the end result is a The Shin’s album art worthy piece of pixels that’s custom designed to match your iDevice.

Art and Design

Though we may never have heard of Chris Van Gard before performing this review, we’ll be the firsts to say we’re in love with his artwork. It’s a modern, yet pastel style that lends itself towards this kind of play. No matter which of the hundred different possiblities you choose, it’s guaranteed to look good behind your icons. We’re also quite enamored with the app’s interface, which makes it simplistic to arrange the artwork just how you like. We had no problems with the high quality photo storage, rounding out this category to earn a full four and a half stars on the dot.

Overall Value

Best of all, Wall Art is only a dollar in the App Store for a limited time. If you’ve been using Pimp My Screen and are looking for something a little more personable, chic, and eye-catching, look no further than Wall Art. It’s a bargain-priced application that will immediately add flair to any desktop, and with little energy expenditure to boot.

Wall ArtWall Art requires iOS 3.1.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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