Virus War Game: Hope You Got Your Booster Shot

Price: $.99

Virus War Game: iPhone App Video Review

Virus War Game iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Lead a virulent virus to victory over all other diseases in the Virus War Game iPhone app from Lethal Beaver Games. The concept behind this real time strategy game is simple. Be the strongest virus around. Attack, build and dominate each petri dish for total viral victory.

So if you’re ready to be the baddest bug on the block, you’ll love our iPhone app review of Virus War Game.


You represent the green disease in the Virus War Game iPhone app. Starting out with 100 points you will transfer your ever growing virus to other healthy cells, and combat invasive red virus cells in a game of numbers.

Every time you transfer the virus from a green cell to another, half of the virus points in the green cell go to it. That means if you have a cell with 100 virus points and you take aim at a healthy cell they each have 50 virus points after the move. Both cells continue growing constantly.

It takes quite a bit of strategy to out maneuver the red virus cells, attack them effectively and keep your own green virus cells live.

You’ll compete for viral domination in 20 fun levels, each with different sets of healthy and red virus cells. Even though the style of game play stays the same, the game does not get boring. But it does get challenging. We’re sure you’re up to it.

Graphics & Design:

Virus War Game iPhone App Review

Virus War Game

Virus War Game is decided decked out in a laboratory theme, from the app’s main screen where flasks bubble with mysterious brews to the petri dish style level selectors. The soundtrack and soundboard for the game keep the lab feel alive, with buzzing florescent lights and a thumping techno tune.

Playing the game is easy and engaging. It’s all about the touch. One touch selects a green cell. A second touch shows it where to shoot the virus. You can also touch more than one green cell then touch a red or neutral cell to have multiple sites attack a cell at once. Simple controls open this game up to a wider audience. Kids will be able to enjoy the game, and adults will revel in the fast-paced fun.

Overall Value:

The Virus War Game iPhone app’s attractive price tag is also quite a draw for us. It costs $.99 to download the game from iTunes. We suggest spending a buck and adding this app to your go-to game list. It’s simple, inexpensive and addictively fun. Besides, the techno track will be a great pick me up on the morning commute.

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Virus War Game



Virus War Game iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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