Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of The Week

We’re told that our clocks will be falling back one hour as of this weekend, and though the prospect of sleeping more has us stoked, that doesn’t mean we’ve been laying back and taking it easy! No, we’ve been hard at work as always. In fact, we’ve got your Top 5 iPhone and iPad App Reviews ready to roll. But before getting to the meat and potatoes, why not sample some of the stellar apps we covered this week?

This Week’s Stand-Out Apps

Firstly, we showed you how to get cooking Eastern style with Caucasian Cuisine. Then, we helped you fall in love with the blasting action that is Mad Rush, followed by an in-depth look at JumiCam. Lastly, we showed you just how little gravity matters with jAggy Race.

That’s it for our sneak peek, but head on down beyond the break to peep our full Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Week!

Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Week


The Amazing Type-Writer

The Amazing Type-Writer

The Amazing Type-Writer – $1.99

If you’re like us, you genuinely miss the good old days of having to mess with ink ribbons, sticky shift keys, and the accidental, paper-ruining mistake. Yes, we’re talking about the glory days of the typewriter. However, thanks to developer Doormouse, we no longer have to pine for those yesteryears. Using nothing but our iPhone’s and our imaginations, The Amazing Type-Writer makes us feel nostalgic and productive.

The app, as you might have guess, attempts to recreate the experience of typing on an antique typewriter. Users can adjust the carriage, tap at the keys, and even listen to that satisfying ding at the end of each line. The app is brilliantly retro, and also coms with enough snark to satisfy the sarcastic writer in us. We love this app, and for two bucks, it’s a steal.



World War II Interactive

World War II Interactive

World War II Interactive – $4.99

The developers of World War II Interactive make the (very valid) point that no traditional, printed book could ever quite capture the true horror of World War II. No amount of written prose, or even grayed out pictures, could accurately depict the struggles, triumphs, and victories of that era. However, by using the iPad’s interactive nature and spacious screen, World War enthusiasts can now get a step closer to the action.

The app is very similar to other coffee book style offerings we’ve seen in the past. World War II Interactive focuses on bringing you stunning images, whole timelines of each year, and deeply detailed sections on several important points of World War II. It’s solid, entertaining, and far cheaper than any book you’re likely to find on the subject.


Square Card Case

Square Card Case

Square Card Case – Free

When Square came out in the heyday of the iPhone’s launch, we were absolutely blown away by the swift functionality it offered. Now we could leave behind cumbersome credit card machines, replacing them with nothing more than our smartphone and our wallet. However, the innovative mega-corporation has taken things one step further, now allowing you to throw your credit card away entirely.

Rather than scanning a piece of magnetized plastic, as seen in previous iterations, this iPhone app allows users to simply keep a tab open at compliant businesses. Consumers order, say, a latte, and then charge it to Square Card Case. The tab is kept open, and eventually charged to the consumer directly. It’s quick, smooth, and simplifies our lives greatly. Best of all, it’s completely free in the App Store! – Free

For the uninitiated, Next Media Animation is a Taiwanese company responsible for a host of hilariously bizarre, animated movies available on YouTube and elsewhere. They’re characteristically strange, and now, thanks to the release of, fans of the program can now enjoy the developer’s channel directly from their armchair.

The iPad app is still rather basic, offering a simple directory to browse all of Next Media’s content, but we aren’t complaining. The app is also free, which means you can have a laugh a dozen at no extra cost. If you haven’t heard of these guys yet, their iPad application is the perfect launching pad from which to waste away a lazy afternoon.




Codify – $7.99

Because the iPad is so darn useful as a media consumption device, we sometimes forget that it can also be used to create things. However, it’s not just good at making music, movies, or text, as Codify has so elegantly pointed out.

The app makes it simple to create real software from your iPad, using a simplistic and interactive interface that vastly streamlines the process of creating coded lines. You need no direct knowledge of any coding platform to get involved, but if you suddenly feel the urge to complete whole software suites, Codify will easily step up to the plate, allowing you to progress even further into Geekdom. It’s sleek, smooth, and pushes the envelope on iPad use.

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