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SmartDict Spanish: iPhone App Written Review

SmartDict Spanish iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

About a week ago we had the pleasure of reviewing SmartDict English. The app’s verbose stylings and abundant info blew us away. Now the latest app from language powerhouse Linguatec made its way into our hands.

The SmartDict Spanish iPhone app is a thorough, detailed Spanish language dictionary with amazing detail, photos and other unique features, making it an instant hit, or todo un éxito.


Just like SmartDict English, the SmartDict Spanish iPhone app acts like a virtual dictionary. Start typing the word you’re looking for. SmartDict Spanish will automatically display incremental search results below, making it even easier to find the word you’re looking for.

The results are anything but ordinary. Not only does the app give you clear definitions, it also provides pronunciation guides, thesaurus support, etymology, common phrases, translations in over 40 languages, and more.

A sizeable offline photo gallery supplements results. There are 3,200 photos included with the app, or, if you do have a data connection, you can follow links right from the dictionary entries to view additional pics and information online.

Dedicated settings buttons give you access to a unique notes section, favorites list and a healthy set of app preferences, from font size to theme.

To be clear, the SmartDict Spanish iPhone app is not a Spanish to English dictionary. It is only a Spanish language dictionary, with Spanish definitions. This app is perfect for advanced Spanish language students and native speakers.

Layout & Design:

SmartDict Spanish iPhone App Review

SmartDict Spanish

Don’t let the sheer amount of information stored in the SmartDict Spanish iPhone app worry you. Each entry organizes data in separate sections. So if you want to view a word’s synonyms but don’t care about it’s origins, simply minimize those sections with a single touch or use the dedicated table of contents icon for viewing options. Custom results are instantly at your fingertips.

As we mentioned earlier, there are dedicated keys on every page of the SmartDict Spanish iPhone app. Those include a search function and a settings icon, both tucked into the corner of the screen so they will not interfere with your pursuit of the Spanish language.

The app’s menu options reflect your iPhone’s language settings. That means if your iPhone is set to display English by default, the app options will appear in English, even though the rest of the app is in Spanish. It spoils the language immersion a bit.

SmartDict Spanish is a universal app, meaning it shines on the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad, without losing a beat. It is so well designed that we like it best on the iPad, where you can peruse word entries on a large screen, and make the most of the app’s colorful themes.


Unfortunately the reduced introductory price of SmartDict Spanish has passed. Still, with a price tag of $1.99, SmartDict Spanish is still less expensive than a traditional paper dictionary. When you consider the price and the space you’ll save in your international carry on, it’s easy to see why SmartDict Spanish is another homerun.

Everyone who loves the Spanish language needs to have this app on their iOS device. If German is more your style, try SmartDict German, another great app with all the amazing features of Linguatec’s other SmartDict apps. You won’t be disappointed.

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SmartDict Spanish



SmartDict Spanish iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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