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Scrap it: iPhone App Written Review

Scrap It for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

With such a large screen and ample touch-based capabilities, it’s amazing the App Store hasn’t been flooded with more scrapbooking applications than one can shake a stick at. It’s a medium that only makes sense on our favorite, pocket-sized iDevice, a point Scrap It (Dirk Bost) makes in spades. The title comes with a heap of adjustable elements, patterns, and papers, making it the ideal way to scrapbook your life in a conveniently digital format. The price is right, too, clocking in at a mere dollar in the App Store for a mountain of delicious scrapbooking materials. For our full thoughts on this craft-based application, check below beyond the break!

Concept and Functionality

As stated, Scrap It serves as a digital replacement for traditional pen-and-glue scrapbooking. Rather than using thick reams of paper, an endless amount of stickers, and whole weekends spent cutting sheets with fussy women, Scrap It allows you to create entire albums from your armchair using just an iPhone. The app does this through a combination of digital patterns, papers, and embellishments. Each of these can be modified in terms of color, scale, rotation and placement, allowing for a truly impressive number of combinations. Added to this is a fully functioning photo placement tool that allows users to load their own images from the Photo Gallery for use in their scrapbooks. All of these elements can be accessed using the easy-to-navigate sidebar, and then dragged or tapped into place on the current page. With all of this in mind, it becomes readily apparent that Scrap It is a modern scrapbookers wet dream.

Best of all, each of your creations can be shared immediately to Twitter or Facebook for your friends to comment or like at will. This makes it simple to propagate that which you make.

Design and Layout

Scrap It for iPhone

Scrap It for iPhone

We have to hand it to the developers of Scrap It: The touch-based interface they’ve concocted for the app is truly ingenious and easy-to-navigate. We loved the side navigational bar that contains all the important embellishments, but we also appreciated just how easy it was to manipulate our placed elements. The pinch-to-zoom functionality and twist-to-rotate capability makes it simpler than we could ever have thought to form truly impressive scrapbooking pages. Not only that, but it really was a dirt-easy to move our images from the app to our favorite social networking sites.

Overall Value

Best of all, Scrap It costs a scant dollar in the App Store. That’s only one-hundred pennies for over 1,300 hand-crafted and instantly modifiable scrapbooking elements in a handy digital format. If you’re into traditional memory making, the app should be a no-brainer: Even if you aren’t, a dollar for such incredibly creative controls and formatting sounds like a bargain to us.

Scrap ItScrap It requires iOS 5.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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