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Puzzle Tales: iPhone App Written Review

Puzzle Tales iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

The latest combination of intense cuteness and addictive slide-style puzzling fun is available in Puzzle Tales, a collection of picture story puzzles from Rivet Games. We dare you to resist this app’s motley collection of puppies and kittens. It’s much easier just to give in, as our iPhone app review of Puzzle Tales will show.


Puzzle Tales is a smart mix of timed puzzle solving and fluff. Fluffy stories about puppies and kittens that is. The full version of this app contains five picture stories: Shiba Pup Scouts, Kittens on Holiday, Bulldog Birthday Bash, Kitties’ First Sleepover and Kittens on the Job. And yes, each of these stories is just as cute as they sound, giving the app a wide range of appeal to animal lovers young and old.

Each scene is scrambled into a puzzle. It’s your job to race the clock as you arrange the pieces correctly, earning one, two or three golden paws for your trouble. Solve puzzles as fast as you can for top scores. Utilize hints and pic previews if you get stuck. Unlike traditional slide puzzles, the pieces can be moved anywhere on the image. Timing becomes the biggest challenge.

Between the utter cuteness, classic puzzle style and timing element, the trifecta of fun is complete. Puzzle Tales is a solid iPhone game with a lot of staying power, thanks to the huge number of levels (over 100) and increasing difficulty. Completed pictures are also available to share or save on your iPhone.

Layout & Design:

Puzzle Tales iPhone App Review

Puzzle Tales

You can’t go wrong with insanely adorable puppies and kittens. It’s all big eyes and fuzzy faces in the Puzzle Tales iPhone app. Each set of puzzles follows a story arc with the same characters (a feisty troop of kittens, adventurous set of Shiba Inu scouts, etc.) and you’ll quickly get drawn in, wanting to know what each collection of little fuzzy things is going to do next.

The game mechanics are extremely straight forward. Simply touch two tiles to transfer them, or drag and drop a tile to its correct location. As the game gets progressively difficult you will find puzzle pieces flipped. Set the right by double tapping on the tile.

Overall Value:

Puzzle Tales for iPhone is free to download and try out. The free version includes 12 puzzles, including five teaser puzzles featuring one scene from each picture story and the first seven puzzles of the Shiba Pup Scouts section. Afterwards it’s $1.99 to upgrade, unlocking over 100 puzzles of cuteness. Either way, it’s worth giving the app a shot.

Just a fair warning. If you get this app and start playing, you will want to unlock all the features and get rid of the annoying ads. It’s just too cute for words. Kids are going to love this app, so use caution. Once you play the free puzzles it gets pretty pushy about upgrading.

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Puzzle Tales



Puzzle Tales iPhone app requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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