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Klip Video Sharing: iPhone App Written Review

Klip Video Sharing for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

At this point, we’re more than a little sick of media sharing applications. Since the eight-hundred pound gorilla that is Instagram wandered through our jungles, we’ve watched developer after developer chase its wake, spewing videos, pictures, and content onto the web like a sprinkler. However, we’re blown away by Klip Video Sharing, by the developer of the same name. The app is smoothly functional, a blast to use, and endlessly engaging. It’s a creative way to share videos with your friends, and if we’re right (we usually are) we have a feeling it will easily best Instagram in only a few updates.

Concept and Functionality

On the surface, Klip Video Sharing appears to simply offer the same services as a few other social networking locations, only with a repackaged face and demeanor: With the app, users are free to record and share videos on-the-fly. These productions are saved to the public timeline, which any user can view, freeing up each movie for discussion. Each piece sports a comment button that allows Klip Account holders to leave their thoughts, or even up-vote a video based on their enjoyment. So in this sense, the app is little more than a slightly public Instagram with a video recorder attached.

However, Klip Video Sharing is down-right one of the most socially engaging apps we have ever seen. The community is vibrant, even this close to launch, and considering users can follow each other, receiving immediate alerts when a new video is shared, we can’t think of a better way to view movies socially. The instant record function is smooth and rapid, allowing us to quickly snap a few frames of our laughing baby, and then immediately share it with our friends. Neither Twitter nor Facebook works this quickly, and we’re floored by the potential for public discussion using hashtags.

Design and Layout

Klip Video Sharing for iPhone

Klip Video Sharing for iPhone

The other thing that wowed us about Klip Video Sharing is its stellar presentation. What sets Instagram apart from its competitors is its retro look and ease-of-use, a few characteristics that Klip Video Sharing display in abundance as well. We love the video wall, which displays posts in a tiled fashion. Likewise, it could not be easier (or faster) to view videos, leave a comment, and then repost the media to our followers. All in all, the app is solid eye-candy.

Overall Value

Best of all, Klip Video Sharing is completely free in the App Store. That’s a bargain no matter how you slice it, but considering just how easy the app is to use and enjoy, we find that pricing an absolute steal. If you’re a fan of photo sharing, especially through Instagram, you need to give Klip Video Sharing a test drive. It won’t break the bank to do, and we promise you’ll love it. Guaranteed.

Klip Video SharingKlip Video Sharing requires iOS 4.0or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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