Kick the Buddy: The Kind of Cyber Bullying you Can’t Go to Jail For

Price: $.99

Kick the Buddy: iPhone App Written Review

Kick the Buddy iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

In rough economic times, even blowing off steam can get expensive. Normally you might go for a drive, but gas costs an arm and a leg. Or, you might lay into a nice decorative pillow, making it an impromptu punching bag, but then you have to replace the thing once you’ve knocked the stuffing out of it.

Instead of going into debt to release your tension, try the new Kick the Buddy iPhone app from AppZap. For minimal green you will have a new buddy to kick the snot out of any time you’re feeling the rage. Interested? Well, no need to twist my arm (that’s what Buddy is for). My iPhone app review of Kick the Buddy will reveal all.

Concept & Gameplay:

Meet Buddy. Buddy is an interactive character who lives in a cardboard box. In the sadistic Kick the Buddy iPhone game your job is to hit, shoot, bludgeon, blow up, stretch and otherwise beat the crap out of Buddy. The more you hurt him, the more points you earn to upgrade Buddy’s abode and your weapons arsenal (why just shoot the poor devil when you can feed him to a shark?).

Ok. Let me go on the record and say that I find this app a little twisted. But, if you were the kind of kid who enjoyed pulling the wings off bugs and watching them die, it might be your cup of tea. While I do see the need for reducing stress and blowing off steam, beating up an innocent little cartoon who pleads for mercy while you do so is pushing the envelope, even in our violence driven society.

Despite being an overt advertisement for bullying, some of Kick the Buddy’s upgrades and customization options are interesting. Using the in game cash you earn for beating poor Buddy up, you can unlock items, from some serious artillery to objects that seems as innocent as apple pie. Naturally, all of them are used to further torture Buddy.

You can also use a personal photo to decorate Buddy’s face, making the object of your torture that much more personal. Unlock goals and compare notes through Game Center integration.

Graphics & Design:

Kick the Buddy iPhone App Review

Kick the Buddy

Even though his MO is to be a punching bag, Buddy is intelligently designed and animated. His disconnected limbs stretch and flail in particularly amusing ways. The unlockable features, such as a fireworks display/assault, are well done and widely diverse.

The in-app physics are spot on. Gravity and any sort of touch send Buddy flying across the screen with alacrity.

Accessing the in-game menu is easy, and made even simpler by a series of helpful screen tips that pop up throughout the game. Yup, playing the Kick the Buddy iPhone app is as easy as giving a nerd a swirly.


Think Kick the Buddy might be your dream app? You can add it to your favorite iOS device for a mere $.99. That’s much cheaper than patching a hole in the wall or paying your spouse’s hospital bill. While I do not suggest giving this app to impressionable children, if this is the kind of app you need, get it. Society may thank you for it.

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Kick the Buddy iPhone app requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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