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Formusic: iPhone App Video Review

Formusic iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Are you a karaoke king or queen? Maybe you just want to feel like one? Then you’ll love the new Formusic app from SingerTech. This app makes it easy to record high quality karaoke tracks with studio-like controls and a song library of more than 2,000 tunes. Now if only most of them weren’t in Korean. Think you’re up for the challenge? Go ahead, unleash your inner diva. Our iPhone app review is here to show you how.


The Formusic iPhone app is built on a pretty cool concept. You may search or scroll through the available song offerings. As I mentioned, most of them are in Korean, but you can find popular songs by searching. Once you choose a song to perform, you may access an eight track version of the tune. One of those tracks is your’s, a recorded track you sing into your iOS device or an attached set of headphones that adds seamlessly to the tune. Many songs have lyrics, however the one we purchased for practice did not. So be prepared for a hit or miss situation on the lyrics.

Adjust the balance of each portion (orchestration, guitar, piano, voice, etc.) of the song for a truly unique creation. Do you dream of gently fading string orchestration or swelling techno beats? Do it. And when you’re done it’s time to share in the app’s Show Off section where you can upload your recordings or peruse recent additions from other fans of the app.


Formusic iPhone App Review


As much as we love this app’s karaoke showboating, the unfortunate truth is that this app is nearly impossible to navigate and register for. The app iTunes listing claims it is in English, however other than a few words the app is almost entirely in Korean. That means most of the song titles are unintelligible (unless, of course, you speak Korean) and that the only way to register to use the app is to guess which link to push once you get done filling out the blanks. That’s if you fill the blanks out correctly, because the password blanks are labeled in, you guessed it, Korean.

The language barrier is a bit hard to overlook in this case since it makes the app nearly impossible to enjoy. We did manage to find a few songs with the titles also listed in English, but, as we mentioned earlier, our track did not have any lyrics included. The recording interface with all its awesome balance features worked like a charm, and the sound quality was quite good. But it was too little, too late.


If you do manage to brave the Korean titles and get registered you are entitled to one free karaoke track download. After that you must purchase in-app coupons to get more songs. Coupons are available in packs of one, three or five. The more coupons you buy in bulk the better the deal. It costs $2.99 for five songs. Depending on the size of your karaoke addiction, this app could get pricy pretty quickly. Still, if you’re willing to brave the language barrier, the app is free and so is the first song. Go get your karaoke on.

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Formusic iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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