Doodle Darlings Ditties: Mini-Games and Cute Critters Delight

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Doodle Darlings Ditties: iPhone App Video Review

Doodle Darlings Ditties for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Here at the iPhone App Review, we’ve seen more than our fair share of apps aimed at children. Yes, we’ve perused all the best ebooks, played all the educational games, and peeped even the rarest of tele programme spin-offs. However, in all of our reviewing, we somehow managed to miss Doodle Darlings Ditties, by the developer of the same name. At least until now, that is. For our full review of this engagingly cute and unceasingly inventive app for small children, check below, just beyond the break!

Concept and Functionality

One of the things that first caught our attention about Doodle Darlings Ditties is its stellar premise. The app is not a repackaged ebook, like many iPhone titles for children, but rather a collection of simple but entertaining mini-games for the tykes to play with. There are four unique levels included here, each featuring a different critter, dubbed a doodle darling. This cast includes  a plushy lion, horse, dragon and bunny. Each of these characters comes stock with a poem and a game, and we have a feeling it won’t be long before your child has selected one avatar as their favorite.

The games themselves, as mentioned, are rather straightforward, and will likely appeal most to very small children. There’s a simple doodling mechanic, where your child can draw their own clouds. There’s also a maze that’s not too difficult for the little ones, as well as a simple tapping game in which counting is emphasized. And finally, there’s a level in which your child is only asked to tickle the adorable horse. All in all, it’s a wonderful mash-up, and one we feel will have no problem holding your loved one’s interest.

Design and Layout

Doodle Darlings Ditties for iPhone

Doodle Darlings Ditties for iPhone

However, as much as we love Doodle Darlings Ditties’ levels and games, we weren’t such grand fans of the app’s graphics. In an app for children, engaging animations are a vital part of the atmosphere. Without these, a child is much less likely to respond favorably. Though we don’t know that children will differentiate much, we found the title’s environments particularly amateur. The character models were cute, but very rough around the edges. The levels’ scenery is a two-tone field that has a certain MS Paint feel to our eyes. All in all, in our review we found Doodle Darlings Ditties to be a darling app wrapped in a less than appetizing exterior: A graphical overhaul would go a long way towards fixing these issues.

Overall Value

That being said, the app is only a dollar in the App Store, which makes it an ideal bargain. We have every bit of confidence that Doodle Darlings Ditties will engage your child, keeping them entertained for hours. And though the illustrations are subpar, we certainly can’t fault the app in the fun department. All in all, Doodle Darlings Ditties is still a steal, all graphical complaints aside.

Doodle Darlings DittiesDoodle Darlings Ditties requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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One Response to “Doodle Darlings Ditties: Mini-Games and Cute Critters Delight”

  1. Hi Luke,

    Thanks for the fabulous review of my app and the suggestions for how to make it better. I plan on updating it in the future with more games. I also plan on releasing another full app staring the Doodle Darlings with a different concept. More animations and detail will definitely be required for that game.

    Again, I really appreciate your review. You guys are awesome!

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