Communilator: Advanced Multi-lingual Translation On The Go

Price: Free

Communilator: iPhone App Written Review

Communilator iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Smash through that language barrier with Communilator, the new iPhone app from Rant Network that provides simple translation of words and phrases in 54 popular global languages.

Best of all? You can try the basic features of the Communilator iPhone app for free. Gerði við fá athygli þína? Or, if you don’t speak Icelandic, did we get your attention?


Fueled by the power of Google Translate, the Communilator iPhone app translates countless words and phrases. Input a phrase in any of the app’s supported languages, then flick through the language wheel to choose the output language. Tap translate and you’re done.

A stout compliment of additional features keep this app from being a Google Translate parrot. Translation results may be shared via text or email, saved to your device’s clipboard, or bookmarked as a favorite for easy access.

If you choose to unlock the Communilator iPhone app’s full potential via in-app purchase you can also hear translation results aloud. Unlocking the app also opens additional input options. Words may be translated from photos, either imported from your camera roll or taken via direct shot.

Some advanced features may require a quick registration, so be prepared for a one time form.

Layout & Design:

Communilator iPhone App Review


The Communilator iPhone app is simply designed, for optimal functionality and very little fuss. An easy-on-the-eyes background in blue keeps the app cohesive, and standard iOS user interface features, such as the language choice wheel, are simple and familiar.

When in doubt reach for the info icon located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. This built in file will help you make the most of Communilator.


Communilator’s translation functionality works best for clear phrases, not for slang or colloquialisms.  So if you’re trying to find out how to say, “Where is the bathroom?” in Portuguese, this app is ideal. If you want to know the local equivalent of, “How’s it hanging?” you might want to try a different app, or a bilingual friend.

Also, without unlocking the audio result feature the translations for many non alphabetic languages, such as Japanese or Russian, are useless if you don’t read the language. That’s a huge blow to the app’s practical functionality.

Despite a few limitations, the Communilator iPhone app is extremely smart, and will be useful for any one traveling internationally, or trying to connect with people who speak different languages.


As we mentioned earlier, basic text input translations, the favorites feature and some sharing options are available free of charge. That’s quite a deal, especially considering the time you’ll save using the app instead of Google Translate’s website.

If you want full access to Communilator’s audible results and photo input features (which are, admittedly, really cool) it’s going to cost you $2.99. That’s still a pretty good deal.


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Communilator iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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