Cartoon Spread! Even Your Doodles Can be Famous

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Cartoon Spread!: iPhone App Written Review

Cartoon Spread! iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Doodling. The age old art of scribbling random drawings on a piece of paper may have gotten you through 18 hours of business law class, but did you know it’s been linked to improved memory and managing stress?

And, if you need another reason to love the art of doodling, now you can make, rate and share cartoons right on your iPhone with the Cartoon Spread! iPhone app from Timespread.


Utilizing four post-it style surfaces (called cuts) you can doodle it out, creating a custom cartoon strip of your choosing. Cartoon Spread! is not a full blown drawing app. You can only sketch in black and white. It does support erasing, but that’s it. This limited set of functions mimics the freehand style drawings that litter many a notebook during boring meetings or long classes. If Cartoon Spread! let you paint multi colored bunny rabbits, it wouldn’t be as legit.

And, like all good apps these days, the Cartoon Spread! iPhone app supports sharing your creations. Send them directly to Facebook or Twitter, or email them as you will. The app integrates directly with your text messaging service, either the default service or Kakao Talk.

While it’s not the most advanced drawing app out there, Cartoon Spread! manages to build a bit of street cred with it’s back-to-basics design and global cartoon art gallery. Release your sketches to the world right in the app. You can even peruse popular doodles from other users. Give artists a big thumbs up, or leave a message for them. Your fellow sketchers will do the same for you.

Lacking inspiration? The Cartoon Spread! iPhone app mascot, Spread Bean, stands ready to be of service, or even star in his very own cartoon adventure. Thoughtful touches like this make Cartoon Spread! shine.

Layout & Design:

Cartoon Spread! iPhone App Review

Cartoon Spread!

Navigating the Cartoon Spread! iPhone app, from drawing to sharing, is much easier if you create a log in. So suck it up and complete a one-time registration. It’s the only way to comment on and share gallery drawings, save favorites and use other neat app features.

Instead of utilizing the boring stock buttons, this app is full of simple pen and paper style charm, from the intro graphics to the background. It’s not overtly showy, but a basic college ruled paper is a theme we can all identify with.


Best of all? Cartoon Spread! comes with the ultimate price tag, which is none at all. Download this doodling wonder app for free on all your iOS devices. Next time you feel like blowing off some steam, or want a way to help develop your memory, open this app. You’ll be glad you did.

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Cartoon Spread!



Cartoon Spread! iPhone app requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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