Cafe Five: Food and Puzzles Never Tasted So Good Together!

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Cafe Five: iPhone App Written Review

Cafe Five for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Are you a fan of foodie applications for the iPhone? Better yet, are you a fan of puzzling games that test your mental mettle? How about both? That might seem like a bizarre (or completely useless combination) but with Cafe Five by developer Oblique Diversions, you can have the best of both worlds and then eat your entertaining cake, to boot! Cafe Five takes exactly fifteen seconds to learn, but can provide for hours upon hours of incredible gameplay. No matter if you’re a fan of innovative and unusual indie games, or just straight puzzlers for the iPhone, there’s a lot to find in the title.

Concept and Gameplay

As stated, Cafe Five is a simple-to-understand yet hard-to-master puzzling application for the iPhone. The basic premise involves both numbers and food items, adding up to one entertaining concoction. Players are required to combine various ingredients arranged on a square grid into addition problems, conjoining digits until they create the required number: Five. Two numbers become one, freeing up space on the grid while establishing matching-game style functionality with the created fives. This means that, once enough sets of five have been produced, they can easily be removed with a single tap of a finger. Knock out all of the game pieces, and you’re handed a successful ordering pad with a hefty tip. However, if you fail to properly add-up the numbers, you’re instead given a Big Fat Fail.

We were quite heavily impressed by the level of complexity involved with Cafe Five. It genuinely does take only fifteen seconds to learn, but whole hours to master. We lost count of the times we sat analyzing the various number combinations, searching desperately for the Tetris-style solution that would end our woes. This one’s a doozie, and will please even the most sharp-minded of puzzling fans.

Design and Layout

Cafe Five for iPhone

Cafe Five for iPhone

A cluttered main menu aside, we were also equally impressed with the application’s layout. We found the controls blissfuly simple, using just a finger to slide the numbers about the game board. Likewise, we also appreciated the number of available puzzles: As a free application in the App Store, the fact that Cafe Five comes with a whopping 80 stages to work through, sans charge, is incredible. And with hundreds more of varying sizes at the ready, with a small fee, there’s a steep amount of content available here.

Overall Value

All in all, we can’t think of a darn reason for any iPhone puzzle fan not to download Cafe Five. It’s free in the App Store and comes with more content than we could ever shake a stick at. Not to mention the included multitude of sizes and difficulties that’s guaranteed to keep you on your toes through many a morning commute.

Cafe FiveCafe Five requires iOS 3.1.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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