Best Baby Monitor Update Brings New Features, Amazing Results

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Best Baby Monitor: iPhone App Video Review

Best Baby Monitor iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

A few months ago we had the pleasure of reviewing a stellar parenting app from Martin Man called Best Baby Monitor. A recent update to this digital baby monitoring system brought a whole slew of new features, including an awesome option to connect two devices over Bluetooth. We had to give you guys all the latest news. So here’s an updated iPhone app review of Best Baby Monitor.


In case you missed the review the first time around, here’s the skinny on the Best Baby Monitor iPhone app. This app turns your iOS device into an inexpensive baby monitor. Just start the program, leave an iOS device in the room with your little one and voila – instant baby monitor.

To get the most out of this app it’s best to run Best Baby Monitor on two iOS devices. One device will be the child device (that’s the one that keeps an eye on your little one) and the other will be the parent device. You can actually watch, hear and talk to your baby right from the parent device.

Or, if you only have one iOS device, set up an alert in the app, and you can receive a call notification on any other phone when the Best Baby Monitor iPhone app picks up sound on the other end.

In the past your devices had to be connected via Wi-Fi, which was pretty amazing any way. Now the app can also function via Bluetooth. That means Best Baby Monitor can go where you go. Never cart a bunch of extra junk on a vacation or a trip to grandmother’s house. Just bring the app.

If you’re worried about losing the connection, there’s a handy color coded signal strength indicator right on the screen. So you’ll know when to bring the devices a little closer together for optimal monitoring.

This app was great before, and a lot of our favorite features are still there, like the activity log that records sounds your baby makes and even lets you share them. But the improvements to the app are also top notch.


Best Baby Monitor iPhone App Review

Best Baby Monitor

It’s mind boggling how quickly this app works. Not only does the app have a ton of extras, such as the nightlight and lullaby options, if you’re connecting via Wi-Fi it only takes a few seconds for the devices to find each other and start streaming. Every option is customizable, and the app looks beautiful.

For connecting via Bluetooth both devices must have this feature enabled. Navigate to your iPhone’s settings menu, select general and turn on Bluetooth if you need to. With the app open you can control the child device right from your hand, turning on the lullaby or your child device’s flash to get a better look.

Once the two devices are connected you can multitask on the parent device. The app will run in the background and turn the top bar red. Tap the bar for one touch app access at any time. We did experience a few issues with this feature on an iPad 2 with the latest iOS software. When we tapped the bar and the app relaunched it would not connect to the child device without reinstalling the app. This was an intermittent problem.


The Best Baby Monitor iPhone app did increase slightly in price, but at $4.99 it is still an amazing deal. This app could save you hundreds of dollars in expensive equipment. It’s an amazing value and great tool for any parent.

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Best Baby Monitor



Best Baby Monitor iPhone app requires iOS 5.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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