Appy Christmas: Even Better With a Few Holiday Drinks

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Appy Christmas: iPhone App Written Review

Appy Christmas for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

We really dig Holiday applications. There’s something about the Christmas season that gets our goat anyway, but when you combine two of our favorite things—the iPad and Santa—what you’re left with is a truly stellar combination. Maybe that’s why Appy Christmas, by developer Mobobo, will be sitting on our springboard until well after Christmas: And potentially on into New Years! The app is jam-packed with all sorts of Holiday goodies, and considering it’s completely free in the App Store, there’s hardly any reason not to give it a go.

Concept and Functionality

If Appy Christmas can be labelled as anything, it’s most like a toy box for all things Yuletide and fun. The app combines a couple different ideas found in dedicated titles elsewhere, adding tinsel and snow to the whole mix, as well as some unique twists. To give an example, Appy Christmas primarily features a fully functional and three-dimensional talking Santa. Papa Noel can be stroked, slapped or directed with just your fingers, making for heaps of interactive fun. Even better, though, users can talk to Santa, and he will repeat what he hears in a funny voice. This kind of entertainment already exists in the App Store, but where else will you find it attached to a completely accurate Christmas Countdown Timer? This timer gives you the months, weeks, days, minutes, and even seconds until Christmas, keeping us all on our toes like little children. There’s also an included Advent Calendar that will begin to supply free applications when the time comes. All in all, it’s a fresh mix of features, and one we’re really quite fond of. If you’re looking for a quick blast of Holiday fun, there’s really no speedier way to get at it than with Appy Christmas.

Design and Layout

Appy Christmas for iPhone

Appy Christmas for iPhone

We even appreciated Appy Christmas’ design. The app keeps things simple, offering basic touch buttons for most of its features. The advent calendar is a single tap away, as is the countdown timer. Likewise, screwing with Santa is managed through simplistic swipes, taps, and strokes. All in all, it’s a very touch-oriented affair, and though we weren’t the biggest fans of the background music, the graphics themselves are top-notch. Santa has never looked more endearing than he does here, and there’s quite a track record to beat. We do wish there were several more characters, however: A talking elf would have been delightful, or even a reindeer.

Overall Fun and Value

Best of all, Appy Christmas is completely free in the App Store. In addition, as the Advent Calendar kicks into play, users will be able to benefit from free apps. That’s quite meta, but no matter how you slice it, Appy Christmas is a bushel of fun for one low price. If you’re looking for the perfect Holiday companion on your iPhone, the title will be your new best mate. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have some dirty phrases for Santa to learn.

Appy Christmas for iPhoneAppy Christmas requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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