Ann Can’t Sleep, Can You Help?

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Ann Can’t Sleep: iPhone App Written Review

Ann Can't Sleep iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

The latest eBook title from April Peterand the folks at Light Sleepers, Ann Can’t Sleep, is a delightful story with fun video animations, featuring a young lady aptly named Ann. This bed time themed story is sure to get your children smiling, with darling characters and a few special touches.


Featuring dual read-to-me or read-alone style storytelling, the Ann Can’t Sleep eBook manages to be simple and simultaneously captivating. You see young Ann really can’t sleep, so she turns to her faithful troop of toys for help dozing off. In the pages that follow Ann finds out some friends are better for sleeping than others, and your young reader will love the fun video clips that tell the tale.

This eBook is all about the story, and while the video animations are a nice touch, the app is missing the interactive objects and built in games we’ve come to expect from eBooks. Also, if your child chooses to read the story to themselves by navigating page to page, they will not see the videos at all. That seems like a bit of an oversight that limits the book’s appeal. It is perfect for young children who need to be read to, but readers may not get the full effect of the app at all.

Layout & Design:

Ann Can't Sleep iPhone App Review

Ann Can't Sleep

The graphics and animation in the Ann Can’t Sleep iPhone app are stupendous. They’re bright, clean and engaging, full of magical dreams and happy toys. This is the perfect content for young children, who are sure to find Ann’s playtime fun with all her toys enchanting.

Navigating the app is quite easy. All your child needs to do is touch the story text to cue the read-to-me storytelling. There’s even a helpful touch animation on the first page in case they forget. The app automatically launches the videos between pages, making this app a snap for kids of any age to enjoy. It also looks beautiful on the iPad and the iPhone for a truly universal feel.


Happily, the Ann Can’t Sleep eBook can be enjoyed even if your device is offline. In fact, we suggest letting children use this app in airplane mode or with the Wi-Fi disabled, because there are several links that lead out of the application. That’s a big concern for many parents, especially when most of these links are to additional story titles from the developer. To avoid accidental purchases ensure downloads are password protected or that your iOS device is not connected to a data network.


While the story and videos are delightful, the Ann Can’t Sleep iPhone app falls a bit short on the extras we’ve come to know and love from so many eBook titles. There are also a few non child friendly links in the app. At $2.99 it’s still cheaper and more engaging than a standard book, so we do suggest the app for parents with young children looking for a new, lovely title to add to their eBook collection.

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Ann Can't Sleep



Ann Can’t Sleep iPhone app requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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