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Chapterz: Micro-Bogging Your Blogging Made Easy

TweetPrice: $1.99 Chapterz: iPhone App Written Review If you’re like us, you go through life tweeting at every step, making individual notations for each awesome meal, date, or jog. Or maybe you’re more of a Facebooker, and habitually add these things to your friends’ news stream. Either way, all of these microblog updates add up, […]


jBlocks – The Latest In Matching Mania

TweetPrice: Free Rating: jBlocks: iPhone App Written Review Just when we think we’ve seen every style of match three game in existence, someone comes up with a new way to play up this classic, addictive game style. This time it’s developer Glosculptor’s matching masterpiece, jBlocks, that caught our eye. In this app you immerse yourself […]


Scrap It, Slap It, Lock It Good!

TweetPrice: $0.99 Scrap it: iPhone App Written Review With such a large screen and ample touch-based capabilities, it’s amazing the App Store hasn’t been flooded with more scrapbooking applications than one can shake a stick at. It’s a medium that only makes sense on our favorite, pocket-sized iDevice, a point Scrap It (Dirk Bost) makes […]