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Cartoon Spread! Even Your Doodles Can be Famous

TweetPrice: Free Rating: Cartoon Spread!: iPhone App Written Review Doodling. The age old art of scribbling random drawings on a piece of paper may have gotten you through 18 hours of business law class, but did you know it’s been linked to improved memory and managing stress? And, if you need another reason to love […]


Caucasian Cuisine: Questionable Title, Incredible Food

TweetPrice: $1.99 Caucasian Cuisine: iPhone App Video Review We aren’t exactly shy about the fact that we love foodie applications. Maybe it’s something about combining the best of technology with the best of the real world, but we’ll go for anything that’s soaked in recipes, food lists, and gorgeous, scrumptious pictures. With that in mind, […]


Mad Rush: Give Your Adrenal Glands A Kick In The Derriere

TweetPrice: $0.99 Mad Rush: iPhone App Video Review We aren’t sure why, but Mad Rush, by developer Krivorukoff, reminds us a lot of the old cartoon Rocket Power. Maybe it’s the rocketing protagonist that has us waxing nostalgic, or perhaps the competitive tree of devilishly angry enemies. Either way, we can’t help but adore the […]