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Your Ghost Stories iPhone App Video Review

Your Ghost Stories for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

With Halloween fast approaching, there’s no better time to have a little spooky fun with Your Ghost Stories, the official iPhone app of (published by The App Sack.) The iPhone app makes it simple, quick, and fun to read “true” ghost stories from around the world, helping the paranormal paranoid among us live out our creepy desires from our iPhones. If you’re a sucker for this kind of tale, you owe it to yourself to give Your Ghost Stories a go, we did, so check out iPhone app review.

Concept and Functionality

Your Ghost Stories behaves on the iPhone in the same way that a lot of fan fiction sites around the Net behave: The app collects stories written by users, and allows other readers to sort through the content by various categories. However, rather than letting writers come up with their own Edward Cullen fantasies, Your Ghost Stories lets the reader base add their ghost stories and experiences. The app currently features over 1,000 different accounts, some of which are actually quite frightening. All of the various entries can be dug through based on a number of criteria, including country, category, or alphabetical order. There’s also a random button, if you’re a bit looser about your content, and just want a quick scare.

We were a little put off that only Americans get to search for content by state listing, however. We might be a little biased, but we’d love to see counties listed as a search option with the United Kingdom, and Ireland as well. We also wish there was  way to somehow rate the entries, as some of the stories are quite good, while others are mostly rubbish. We do appreciate the fact that entries can be favored for reading later, but total integration with an online ratings system would add a much needed layer to the app’s facade.


Design and Layout

Your Ghost Stories for iPhone

Your Ghost Stories for iPhone

On the other hand, we do think Your Ghost Stories looks fairly fantastic on the iPhone’s Retina display. The tabbed navigational menus and pull-out bars make it extremely easy to get to any story saved within the app’s halls, and we had no problem accessing content. However, we still wish there was more to be had here: Not just stories, but even information about haunted locations, or in-depth, user-submitted guides to ghost hunting. There’s so much room for extra content that it seems like a shame not to have it here!

Overall Value

Your Ghost Stories is an unbeatable value at a dollar in the App Store. If you’re a fan of ghost stories, or want to submit your own, there’s no better way to do so from your iPhone. We loved spooking ourselves with the stories contained here, and if you don’t mind the occasional dud, Your Ghost Stories is easily worth the price of entry.

Your Ghost StoriesYour Ghost Stories requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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