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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

We won’t kid around: This week was a pretty great week to be an iPhone owner, what with iOS 5 coming out—after a hefty download, mind you—and the iPhone 4S being released on three carriers today. We didn’t just drool over the new products, though. No, we’ve got reviews ready to roll, including this weeks Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Week. But before diving into that, let’s take a sneak peek at some of the apps we covered this week!

This Week’s Stand-Out Apps

First, we took you to the skies with the dogfight action of Aeronauts, and then we slung you the James Bond fun of Keep Your Media Safe. Add to that the zombie popping fun of ZombiePanic, and then tie it all off with the mathematics of Math Formulas and Tables.

That’s all for our sneak peak, but don’t touch that dial! Your Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of the week is just after the break!

Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Week



Cards – Free

This might be an oddball entry for the week (This app feels a lot like Apple’s print-ready calendar service that no one ever really uses) but it’s still worth mentioning Cupertino’s Cards application, which is now available for free on your iPhone or iPod touch.

The application does exactly what you’re thinking: It guides users step-by-step through the touch-oriented process of creating an actual card—no eCards wanted here!—from your iPhone. There’s 21 different presets, as well as a multitude of ways to customize your content. Once a project has been completed, it’s then a snap to mail the sucker for three bucks within the United States, or five dollars across the pond. If that sounds entertaining, then hop on over to the App Store, you ludite you!



iCloud – Free With iOS 5

Yes, we’re quite aware that iCloud isn’t a proper app for either the iPhone or iPad. So why are we mentioning it now? Because, beyond a doubt in our minds, iCloud is the single greatest update to come out of iOS 5, barre none. Don’t believe us? Let’s poke this thing a bit more, then.

Cloud computing is blossoming like a weed with herpes, and we can’t be happier about it. Storage space is becoming a thing of the past, and since Apple has now officially jumped on the bandwagon, we can now use our desktop Mac, our iPhone, and our iPad to jointly view the same data from anywhere. It’s like using your screens as multiple windows into the same room. It’s incredible engineering, and we have to give Apple a tip-of-the-hat: Good job, lads, good job.

CheckIn Radio

CheckIn Radio

CheckIn Radio – Free

CheckIn Radio is that unique combination of cutting-edge mobile development and extant technology that we absolutely crave here at the iPhone App Review. The title seamlessly integrates your iPhone with local radio stations, creating an engaging fusion that we dig immensely.

CheckIn Radio essentially allows users to “check in” Foursquare style with their local radio stations. By doing so, they can see specific messages from the stations, enter to win sweepstakes, or hear about other contest the network may have running. It’s an informative powerhouse, and we quite like the smooth functionality of it. Best of all, CheckIn Radio is free, so there’s nothing to lose by trying it!




Foursquare – Free

This one’s by no means fresh in the App Store, but thanks to iOS 5, Foursquare now comes loaded with some pretty incredible new features. What we’re talking about is the app’s new “Radar” feature that knocks our socks off every time we use it. It’s better than Find My Friends, and we dig it to the umpteenth degree.

Essentially, as Foursquare can now stalk you to the fullest, the app will let you know when you’re near friends, or points you’ve marked as on your to-do list. It keeps you organized, as well as on the right path to being social. Best of all, the app is still 100% free in the App Store, which sounds like a bargain to us!




KITTY!– $4.99

If you’re looking for the kind of relaxation only a pet can give, but don’t have the time, money, or allergies to own a proper furry child, KITTY! for the iPad is your new best mate. The app isn’t like a Tamugachi, which lets you raise your own virtual critter, but rather more like a window into the pet owner’s life.

KITTY! lets you pet a 3D kitten to your heart’s content. Stroke it, pet it, and the thing will purr like a motor. You can also poke your cat to make it angry—and we mean angry—if that’s your kick. Either way, it’s all the joy of owning a kitten without any of the poop and a five dollar price tag.

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