UniQXcess: Public, Private, and Totally Cloud-Based

UniQXcess for iPad

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Price: $1.99

Let’s face it: There are now about five-hundred and seven different ways to access your media files from your iPhone and iPad while on the go. With so many cloud services running around, there are now more ways than ever to keep your precious items close to the breast. However, every now and again a new face appears on the market that totally eats our goat—UniQXcess, by developer LiniQue, is just such a title. The app’s excellent blend of private storage and public access, not to mention complete DropBox integration, makes it an ideal solution for media storage on the go.

Concept and Functionality

As stated, UniQXcess behaves in a manner very similar to other apps already on the market, most notably Evernote or DropBox—more on the latter in a minute. Essentially, users can boot up the desktop edition of UniQXcess and load in as many file formats as they’d like. Once added, all of these media types can be accessed remotely via the user’s iPhone or iPad, thanks to the iOS edition of the service. It’s quick, simplistic, and ensures that everything the user needs is readily available. The title supports an impressive number of file extensions, as well: There’s MP3 support, as well as various popular movie formats and a wealth of Microsoft Office options.

That, however, is only private file storage. For those with a cloud-based DropBox account, managing content is even easier. UniQXcess automatically loads files located in the user’s account, adding them to the mix as if it were easy as pie. We especially liked this piece of integration, as we’re huge fans of DropBox, and including the service makes it easier to transition to UniQXcess. However, we are disappointed that there’s currently only support for the Windows operating system: No Macintosh version of UniQXcess exists yet, which is a bummer drag for us die-hard Apple fans.

Design and Layout

UniQXcess for iPad

UniQXcess for iPad

We have to admit it: We’re absolute suckers for UniQXcess’ leathery look and professional demeanor. As much as the motif didn’t do it for us in Lion’s iCal edition, we like it here, as it creates a pleasantly business feel for the title. Not to mention the easy-to-navigate interface, which keeps media content only a few taps away no matter where the user is within the application. All in all, UniQXcess is wonderfully simple, and we greatly appreciated how care-free a process it is to link our DropBox account to the interface.

Overall Value

If you’re looking for a new and refreshing way to access your content on the go, UniQXcess is easily a shoe-in for your needs. Its interface is top-notch, its cloud integration stellar, and its price a cool two dollars: That’s cheap for any business app, and makes this title an absolute bargain.

UniQXcessUniQXcess requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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