Transport Jigsaw Puzzles 123: Planes, Trains and Automobiles on Your iPhone!

Transport Jigsaw Puzzles 123 iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Price: $1.99

Delight and inspire young puzzle fans with the Transport Jigsaw Puzzles 123 iPhone app from GiggleUp Pty Ltd.

If you’ve ever witnessed the sparkle in a toddler’s eyes as a fire truck rushes past or a helicopter zooms overhead, you know that this transportation themed collection of jigsaw puzzles is going to be a huge hit with the 4-foot and under crowd.

Find how out with our iPhone app review of Transport Jigsaw Puzzles 123.

Concept & Gameplay:

Your child will love navigating between the Transport Jigsaw Puzzles iPhone app’s five unique transportation scenes. Choose from Busy City, My Neighborhood, Lost In Space, Across the Ocean and Up and Away.

There are 33 puzzles in all. Each is brightly colored and available at five different levels of difficulty, from simple 2-piece puzzles that even the youngest puzzler will love to sixteen piece puzzles that will challenge learners for years to come.

A kid-friendly musical score accompanies the app. Watch your child’s face light up as they complete all the puzzles in a given scene to create a busy transport story page.

It’s important to note that once you exit a scene any puzzles your child completed will not be saved. We were initially surprised by this, but after a little hands-on research realize it is a good way to keep a child engaged with the app longer. An option to save puzzles under a child’s name or possibly export a picture to your camera roll would be a nice touch.

A helpful hint feature is available on each puzzle, in case your child wants to see what their puzzle will look like when it is done.


Educational Factor:

Transport Jigsaw Puzzles 123 iPhone App Review

Transport Jigsaw Puzzles 123

Puzzle solving is a great way to encourage your child to develop problem solving skills. It’s also a good exercise for their memory and can help strengthen their powers of concentration.

We were particularly impressed with a bonus lingual learning opportunity in the Transport Jigsaw Puzzles 123 iPhone app. When your child completes a puzzle there is a star spangled fanfare and the word each picture represents appears on screen. The app even reads the word out loud to reinforce word recognition.

That makes this app a great way to strengthen your child’s vocabulary while they are having fun.

Layout & Design:

There is a navigation pitfall parents will want to be aware of in the Transport Jigsaw Puzzles 123 iPhone app. On the app’s main page a “More Apps” button leads to additional apps from GiggleUp. It may be best to pass this screen by before handing the app to your children.

Otherwise the app is a touch friendly wonderland for kids. Although it is compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch, we suggest using Transport Jigsaw Puzzles 123 on the iPad for optimal enjoyment of this brilliantly illustrated collection of children’s puzzles.


Downloading Transport Jigsaw Puzzles 123 from iTunes will cost $1.99. That’s much less then you’d pay for a single traditional jigsaw puzzle, and you don’t have to worry about any pieces disappearing.

Great graphics, increasing levels of difficulty, integrated “edutainment” and hours of puzzle solving fun make the Transport Jigsaw Puzzles 123 iPhone app an app you will be happy to hand to your child. That’s true value.

Transport Jigsaw Puzzles 123 iPhone App QR Code

Transport Jigsaw Puzzles 123


Transport Jigsaw Puzzles 123 iPhone app requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. trish kowalski says:

    Hello, what a great app. I work with students who are cognitively delayed and this is a great app. I love how you can do different number of pieces for the puzzles. Unfortunately, the sound has just stopped working. Other apps work fine, so I know it is now the studentes IPAD, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
    South Milwaukee Middle School

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