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The week came and went while we were sleeping, but just because we’d like to bemoan the quick passage of time does not mean we haven’t been working hard, as well! No, we’ve got your weekly Top 5 iPhone and iPad Applications of the Week lined up and ready to roll, but before we dive into the thick of things, why not kick your feet up and take a sneak peek at some of the excellent titles we’ve covered recently?

This Week’s Stand-Out Apps

Firstly, we helped you get brainy with SmartDict, a killer iPhone dictionary app. Then we showed you how to spread the good will with your media content and Filamente. And finally, we shot your location with MapRecord.

Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Week

That’s all for our sneak peek, but don’t touch that dial! We’ve got your Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Week lined up and ready to go after the break!

The Rating Game

The Rating Game

The Rating Game – $0.99

Have you ever wanted to be called ugly by a real Playboy Playmate of the Year? Are you too socially awkward to go up face-to-face and enjoy the splendor of just such an event? Excellent! Because now your iPhone can help you achieve your belittling success without ever needing to leave the living room (or swap out of your pajamas).

The Playmate in question is one Hope Dworaczyk, and for the scant price of a dollar, her Rating Game app will allow you to snap a photo and receive a custom-tailored beauty rating from the Queen herself. We aren’t saying it’s a science—or that it’s even fun, really—but if you’re not sold yet, we should mention the app’s amenities: The Rating Game comes packed with videos and photos of the model, all for your . . . er, viewing pleasure.

Bloomberg TV+

Bloomberg TV+

Bloomberg TV+ – Free

And now for something completely different, Bloomberg—that financial guru of all things fiduciary—has finally released an iPad counterpart to its excellent Bloomberg TV service. The app allows users to stream, for free, content produced by the network twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

The app itself is gorgeous, offering a truly streamlined interface that delivers the content with ease. Also, considering there’s enough money advice here to choke a horse, we have a feeling the app will be a rock-solid hit with the business crows. Either way, free entertainment is hard to pass up, especially when it might just save your stock portfolio!



500px – Free

If is the elitist reactionary group to 4Chan’s less mature ramblings, then 500px is the same, only unto Flickr’s slush-pile of photography. The iPad app is a free companion piece to the online service by the same name that tailors to snobby (and justifiably so) photographers looking to show off their work in polished, streamlined portfolios via the Web.

As mentioned, 500px makes an effort to include only the best photographs within its walls. To enter, one must first prove their artistic merit, which immediately cuts down on the pictures of a dog with a party hat on, or that awesome burger no one else will appreciate. You know the ones, but with 500px, you’ll never have to see them again: They’ve all been replaced by some of the prettiest photos we have ever laid eyes on.



Jets– $2.99

We’ll be upfront about it: We can’t think of anything we hate more than flying, except possibly Nic Cage movies. There’s just something about having to slog through security, take off our shoes and suffer that bugs us. Thankfully, there are applications like Jets that are designed to make us feel more at home.

The app can best be thought of as a seating chart for your flight. One simply enters the flight number, and then Jets does the rest, locating the plane type and producing a comprehensive floor plan for the model. You can check out all of the seating arrangements, and based on the available leg room, potentially make that spring for Economy Plus. The app costs three bucks, but it might just save you hours of boredom and headaches with too little breathing room.



Shoebox – Free

We hope you remember the ye olden days of actual photographs: We really hope you do. But just because we’re nostalgic for our Kodak moments, that doesn’t mean you don’t have heaps of retro pics laying about the house. To help you sort out the clutter, Shoebox will scan, file, and even share all of your images digitally.

Document scanners are nothing new on the iPhone, but we like the fact that Shoebox has been specifically designed to handle your old photos. The service helps you analyze, crop, and digitize any image you own, and once modified, you can even immediately post that old picture of your grandpa in a speedo to Facebook. It’s quick, fun, and an always-pleasant walk down memory lane.

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