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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

We’re tempted to start this out with another complaint about the weather—When is the cold really going to get here, y’all?—but we feel we’re just too professional for that. That being said, the week’s Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps are all lined up and ready to go. Before handing them over, though, we’ve got a detailed look at some of the killer apps we reviewed this week, including:

This Week’s Stand-Out Apps

10Plus Pro knocked our socks around this week with its killer number puzzling, while Melina’s Conquest tickled our RPG funny bone. We also dug BadBirds HD for physics joneses, and SME Marketing for an education in small business management!

That’s it for our sneak peek, but don’t touch that dial just yet! We’ve got your Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Week just after the break!

Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Week



Animoog – $0.99

One of the coolest things about owning an iPad is getting to enjoy the never-ending stream of absolutely awesome music creation tools released for the device. There have been a lot of quality synth apps being pumped out lately, but none has us quite as hot as Animoog, which can be had for a dollar in the App Store.

The app comes stock with all the glory you’d expect of IMoog, jamming every last analogy counterpart it knows into the iPad’s modern screen. It’s blissfuly functional, and takes virtual music synthesis to a new level while on-the-go. If you’re a music fan, you owe it to yourself to give this one a shot, especially considering it’s some fifteen times cheaper than most of its peers on the Market.

My Secret Folder

My Secret Folder

My Secret Folder – $0.99

This app has been rocking our world on both the iPhone and iPad recently, and we have to say, we like the spy feeling it gives us down below—on our iDevices, that is. If you have anything you’d like to hide on your favorite Apple device, this is the app for you: My Secret Folder looks exactly like a traditional springboard folder, but comes packed with heaps of privacy options.

Under its clever covers, the app stores a passcode enabled media safe, capable of housing movies, pictures, notes, and contacts. There’s also a porn mode enabled browser, allowing you to “research” in peace, if that’s your kick. Either way, the price is excellent, clocking in at a scant ninety nine cents in the App Store.



Instapaper – $4.99

No, this isn’t the freshest app in the world, but everyone’s favorite iPhone and iPad note saver and web-clipper recently underwent quite the facelift as it progressed into iOS 5. For example, the five dollar title is now capable of adjusting the hardware brightness while in app: Seems like a small fix, but for the heavy user, this is a godsend.

Almost every inch of the application has been redone for greater efficiency and better aesthetic value, as well. We’ve been very greatly impressed with the innovations the developer has pumped into Instapaper’s most recent incarnation, and if you have ever used the service in the past, or have been considering a purchase, now is the perfect time to jump on the bandwagon—five dollar price tag or not!


Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader– Free

Ok, so it’s not Acrobat in all its comfy, desktop glory, but still we aren’t inclined to complain: Adobe has finally released an official version of its popular Adobe Reader for the iPhone and iPad, a fact we are more than stoked about after almost a decade of smartphone usage. It’s about time this came out guys!

The free offering comes with all the PDF reading capabilities you’d expect and want, including easy importing and exporting, thanks to iOS 5, as well as the smoothest document rendering experience we’ve ever seen on an iDevice. Not to mention full support for PDF Portfolios, PDF packages, annotations, and drawing markups. This makes the app great for the average reader—possibly you—and the starving business professional—definitely us—alike. It’s an app for the people, if certainly a belated one!


Know Skateboarding

Know Skateboarding

Know Skateboarding – $4.99

Certain writers here at the iPhone App Review—namely this one—have been skating since they were a wee tot. However, if you haven’t been so enlightened over the years, but are looking to dive into the dearest of sports to our heart, then give Element Skateboards new iPhone application a test drive.

The app is loaded to the trucks with heaps of beginner information on how to ride, including trick tips, basic riding instructions, and progressive steps to get you into the action and off your butt. It’s certainly a bit expensive, but considering this comes from one of the best known brands in the game, we think it’s easily worth money. Just don’t drop your iPhone while hurtling off a wedge the wrong way!

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