The Greebley Greebley: Heartwarming, In A Grinchy Kind Of Way

Price: $1.99

The Greebley Greebley: iPad App Video Review

The Greebley Greebley for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Mm, Halloween! You draw ever closer, and with each passing day, we get a little more excited for candy, heaps of costumes, and one long night out spent scaring the heeby-jeebies out of some sorry saps. To celebrate you’re approach, we’ll be looking at an excellent, creepy, and interactive children’s story for the iPad. The Greebley Greebley by developer James Scanlon is one of the best digitized books for children we’ve ever seen—and coincidentally, it’s all the way holiday appropriate.

Concept and Functionality

Like all iPad books intended for children, The Greebley Greebley presents a myriad of pictures and text that can be scrolled through with the mere flick of a finger. It’s exactly like reading a traditional—dare we say “analog”—book, only with the modern convenience of the iPad’s massive screen.

However, where The Greebley Greebley differs from most is in its interactive nature. Users are allowed at the start to customize the protagonist’s appearance by simply clicking on his various body parts. With each tap, a new illustration appears, allowing for a truly astonishing number of combinations. The developers tout something like 10,000 different monster mash-ups, which essentially means your children will be able to find a new look with each read through. The app doesn’t have much by way of on-screen clickables, however, unlike a lot of childhood-based apps we’ve seen in the past. Normally, we’d rail The Greebley Greebley for this, but in fact, the quality of the presentation is so fantastic that we didn’t miss the lack of other interactive elements at all. The story is completely engaging, and having your child see their customized critter in the app is a truly enthralling experience.

Illustrations and Design

The Greebley Greebley for iPhone

The Greebley Greebley for iPhone

Like most apps in the genre, The Greebley Greebley keeps things simple within the interface. There’s a basic swiping mechanic that changes the page, while a home button rests just out of sight in one of the corners. The app makes no pretentious effort to include oversized buttons or cleverly hidden settings, as do some titles in the field, but rather keeps things traditional and simplistic—a fact we greatly admire in the app!

Add to that the fact that the illustrations are absolutely fantastic, and you’ve got quite the package! Artist Timothy Molloy has done a brilliant job creating the artwork, so much so that even we (the adults) dug it. It’s whimsical, playful, and will delight your child.

Overall Value

The Greebley Greebley clocks in at a scant two bucks in the App Store, which compared to a traditional hardcover book for children is quite the bargain. For that money, users also have the privilege to enjoy the engaging monster mash-up functionality, as well as a cute, heartwarming tale about acceptance: And that certainly earns our Halloween recommendation!

The Greebley GreebleyThe Greebley Greebley requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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