Stampzz: Let Your Photos Tell the Story

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Stampzz iPhone App Video Review

Stampzz iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

With the new Stampzz iPhone app from Stampzz Media, photo blogging has never been easier. Find out how to use photos to tell your story with our iPhone app review of Stampzz.


Stampzz makes it easy to tell your own story through pictures. This iPhone app combines elements of photo sharing services such as Flickr, and social networking services. There is an international community built in to Stampzz. Find and follow your favorites, or add connections from your contact list and social networks.

Snap and share your photos instantly right from the app, tagged for topic specific connectivity and fleshed out with fun captions for even more detail. Stampzz also integrates fully with Twitter and Facebook, so you are not limited to sharing photos with other Stampzz friends.

A unique feeds tab connects you to your own personal activity feed and the feeds you follow. My favorite feature is the timeline feed. Use this feature to view Stampzz taken in your location, for a unique new way to view your surroundings. Add your own photos to help make history.

Layout & Design:

Stampzz iPhone App Review


A set of easy access bottom tabs makes navigating Stampzz a breeze, from taking photos to accessing comments. The navigation bar will disappear for a few moments if you need full screen access. This happens automatically, and helps Stampzz iPhone app users make the most of smaller screens.

There are a handful of unique gestures you will use to navigate the app. For example, when viewing a stamp tap the photo to view additional details, such as comments and statistics. Swipe to the left to add your own comment.

Thankfully, the Stampzz iPhone app has helpful tutorial screens explaining any unique gestures, so even using these more complicated nav tools is quite easy.


One of my only complaints about the Stampzz iPhone app is the load time. Even on a fast network the stamps in your feed and under headlines take a few moments to load. If you plan on using this app for an extended amount of time, this can be frustrating.

Otherwise, each button, gesture and screen responds correctly. Stampzz is an extremely well made app that delivers high color content perfect for viewing on a retina display.


This vivid social networking and sharing app can be your’s free of charge. That’s right, downloading the Stampzz iPhone app and becoming part of an international photographic history project doesn’t cost a dime.

This app’s unique concept, high quality content and social integration make it a true value. Put it on every iOS device you have, and start telling your story.

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Stampzz iPhone app requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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