In RGB Defense It’s you Against the UFOs

Price: $.99

RGB Defense iPhone App Video Review

RGB Defense iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Prepare to engage in color-coded intergalactic warfare in the RGB Defense iPhone app from Red Winter Software Limited.

This missile defense style app is perfect for pick-up games when you’re looking for something to fill your break or commute. If you’re looking for a new go-to app you’ll want to pay special attention to our iPhone app review of RGB Defense.

Concept & Gameplay:

Like most missile defense games, the RGB Defense iPhone app pits your cannons against the might of invading forces. In this case those forces just happen to be a colorful set of alien invaders.

You control a set of multi-colored cannons. The idea is to destroy each alien with the cannon that is the matching color. For example, you can destroy the red UFOs with the red cannon, the green UFOs with the green cannon and so on.

That means you’ll be swapping your row of blasters around constantly to earn the best score. Do this by touching and dragging cannons into position.

The game starts off easily enough with a tutorial level, but soon you’ll be struggling to keep up with the ever-increasing onslaught of UFOs, aliens and space ships.

Every time an alien invader reaches your line of defense you lose a life. Lose five lives and the game is up.

You can start out on the tutorial or on any of the game’s ten levels you prefer. If you begin on a lower level the game automatically advances you through the levels as you play, so it is an extremely smooth gaming experience.

Log your top scores and appear on the RGB Defense Our Heroes board as one of the world’s top defenders in the game.

Color-coded defense is a great twist on a classic gaming style. The addition of boosts (which you collect by taping on them) and a constantly changing pattern of attack make this game one you can really get sucked in to.


Layout & Design:

RGB Defense iPhone App Review

RGB Defense

From the purposefully retro vibe of the app’s level select screen to each level’s background scene, the RGB Defense iPhone app incorporates just enough old school charm to be a throwback dream. Graphics are simple but the design still seems intentional.

The result is a streamlined gaming experience without a lot of distractions. Just a lot of good old alien decimation. There are no complicated menus to get lost in or annoying advertisements. That’s just the way we like it.


For the low price of $.99 all the fast-paced fun of the RGB Defense iPhone app can be your’s. Not only is this a solid app with detailed graphics and a proven game format, it’s just plain good. Get it now, thank us later.

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RGB Defense


RGB Defense iPhone app requires iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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