Revertis: My God! It’s Full Of Puzzles!

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Revertis: iPhone App Review


Revertis for iOS

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Revertis, by developer Ewgeniy Oganian, is exactly the sort of modern puzzler we like to see appearing on iOS’ shores. The app supports a whole heap of space-age thinking that absolutely tickles our puzzling bone. The concept is unique, the graphics are splendid, and most importantly, the price is spot on. If you’re a fan of puzzle titles for the iPhone, you owe it to yourself to give Revertis a test drive: But check out our full thoughts on this excellent strategy title for iOS below before going any further!

Concept and Gameplay

What please us most about Revertis is just how unique the app’s concept really is: It’s equal parts Tetris, Brick Breaker, and classic board game Blokus, creating a custom pastiche of puzzling that we find absolutely enthralling. Within the game, players are asked to draw lines with their fingers across the game board. These lines indicate where the gems shown along the top will be placed, and once set, these orbs will rest in place until knocked out of play. To remove game pieces, users must align the orbs in a predefined pattern, whether that’s a line, or simply a set combination that touches by corners. All in all, it’s brilliant stuff, especially when the tension is heightened by an almost full game board.

That being said, the app is still a bit bland in its current incarnation. We would love to see just a bit more in almost every way: There’s a variety of game modes to pick from, but including the occasional power-up would go a long way toward spicing things up. Likewise, we appreciate the fact that Game Center is included, and we’d be drooling at the mouth over a little online multiplayer. There’s an almost infinite amount of room for growth where Revertis is concerned, and we couldn’t be happier if this potential were explored a bit more.

Design and Graphics


Revertis for iOS

The geeks inside us are always inclined to rate highly a space theme. There’s just something about the stars that gets us excited, and in Revertis’ case, we can’t get over how cool the title’s motif is. The glowing orbs are perfectly matched by the effervescent sky, and though we might have liked to see a not-so-static alien resting in the background, the game board itself is lively with animations and color. It’s a smooth package, and one we feel perfectly mirrors the deeply strategic gameplay.

Overall Value

Considering Revertis is only a dollar in the App Store, it would be bloody hard not to give the app a recommendation. If you’re a fan of strategic puzzle games for the iPhone, you owe it to yourself to give the title a test drive. It’s unique concept and invigorating game modes will easily fill a few morning commutes, a couple boring minutes in the queue at the movies.

RevertisRevertis requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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2 Responses to “Revertis: My God! It’s Full Of Puzzles!”

  1. Dorothylisa says:

    Really a very nice puzzle game, getting excite on this game by reading this article. good work keep up.

  2. Thank you for the very positive review! :-)
    As the author of game I would like to add that we are working already on the next versions of the game.
    They will include among other new features new game modes, multiplayer modes, levels, local highscores
    It will take a while until the version 2.0 is released. But the version 1.5 will be available in a few weeks.
    Probably the version 2.0 will be slightly more expensive. So it makes sense to buy the game now.
    Updates will be free of course. :-)

    We are always happy to here critic and suggestions. So feel free to post some in the comments.

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