Pro Personal Trainer Shows you All the Right Moves

Price: $1.99

Pro Personal Trainer iPhone App Video Review

Pro Personal Trainer iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

If times of financial woe have caused you to skip the personal trainer, ditch the gym and start packing on the pounds, the Pro Personal Trainer iPhone app from Iconic Apps can help.


During out iPhone app review, we found Pro Personal Trainer to be an extremely thorough source of detailed instruction on how to stretch, lift, perform 21 different exercises in three customizable levels, and even cool down.

How? Each move is demonstrated on screen by a professional personal trainer, Gary Croft. In fact, Croft is front and center for the entire application, from the moment you accept the app’s legal terms and warning, to the moment you close it after working up a sweat.

Numbered exercises fill the screen around the image of Croft. Simply tap a number to start the workout, or, tap the info button to see what each workout is before venturing in to the list.

This is a unique approach to personal training. There aren’t any strict guidelines or food diaries here, just your very own professional personal trainer and a no-nonsense approach to fitness.

After demonstrating a move or exercise, the Pro Personal Trainer iPhone app will give you an option to choose a level of difficulty from easy, medium and hard. That way you can move through this program at your own rate with less risk of injury.


Layout & Design:

Pro Personal Trainer iPhone App Review

Pro Personal Trainer

A basic gym setting and Croft are the app’s main visual features. Accessing exercises or more information about the app is just a tap away, right there on the home screen. There is not a pause option during exercises, since each segment is relatively short. You can, however, fast forward or exit an exercise.

It seems like this app would be easier to use if it had an option to create a routine. Instead you must select an exercise manually every time you wish to view it.

Even with this flaw, the Pro Personal Trainer iPhone app has a unique design that is really something new for fitness apps. The trainer eye candy doesn’t hurt either.


Despite being media heavy, the Pro Personal Trainer iPhone app works like a charm. Videos play easily and each button on the main screen responds properly.

An extra bonus is hidden on the app’s main page. Take a swing at Croft. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt him. But it will cause him to do an extra set of stretches. Think of it as an exercise Easter egg.


Downloading Pro Personal Trainer costs £1.49. That’s much less then you’d spend finding a real personal trainer, and this app lets you train wherever you want, whenever you want. That’s quite a value.

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Pro Personal Trainer


Pro Personal Trainer iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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