Physics Chemistry Maths Formulas: Formula MAX for iPhone

Formula MAX iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Price: $1.99

The revamped Physics Chemistry Maths Formulas iPhone app, or Formula MAX for short, is the ultimate resource for interdisciplinary science and math data. This handy cheat sheet app puts an enormous amount of information at your fingertips, making it perfect for students and professionals alike.

So if you’ve ever found yourself rummaging around for a formula for a solar constant or a quick explanation for reading Lewis structures, you’ll love our iPhone app review of Physics Chemistry Maths Formulas: Formula MAX.


Physics Chemistry Maths Formulas: Formula MAX gives you instant access to more than 1150 formulas. That’s a lot of data, and more formulas will appear as the app continues to be updated by Mallow Technologies Private Limited, the developers of this massive digital scientific tome.

All that data is carefully organized by topic. At the time of this review the app boasted 492 physics formulas, 331 chemistry formulas and 370 math formulas. A handy search feature makes it easy to find references to certain words or theorems in all that academic goodness. Save topics, individual pages or search results to favorites for even easier access.

And then there are the app’s extras. A trigonometric values area calculates the sin, cos, tan, cosec, sec and col of any given number in an instant, a problem you normally have to dig out a scientific calculator to complete. There is also a logarithmic values tool, and a detailed periodic table.

Needless to say the Formula MAX iPhone app is teeming with information. This app is a serious resource for the most frequently used data in advanced math and science courses, or in many jobs in those fields, all in one handy location.


Layout & Design:

Formula MAX iPhone App Review

Formula MAX

A streamlined tab design makes navigating the copious amount of data in the Formula MAX iPhone app easier than you’d think. Math, physics and chemistry have dedicated tabs. Topics appear in a simple list, then expand to further lists or open formula pages as you progress.

Dedicated buttons for saving a page to favorites or sending it via email appear on every formula page. Favorites can be accessed by touching the favorite icon at the top of the screen on the iPhone, or by touching the favorites tab on the iPad.

A robust search feature rounds out the app. A recent update made Formula MAX truly universal. It runs beautifully on the iPhone, iPod touch and makes full use of the iPad’s large screen. It’s also extremely iOS 5 friendly.


Easy access to this phenomenal collection of math and science data will run you $1.99 from iTunes. When you think about the time and effort it can save you, the decision is clear. The Physics Chemistry Maths Formulas: Formula MAX iPhone app pulls the weight of three independent apps, and it’s only getting better. Do yourself a favor and get it.

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Formula MAX


Physics Chemistry Maths Formulas: Formula MAX iPhone app requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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