Melina’s Conquest – 3D World RPG Bolstered by a Low Price of Admission

Price: $2.99

Melina’s Conquest iPhone App Video Review

Melina's Conquest

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

We’re huge suckers for roleplaying games which is why we were very stoked to be taking a look at Melina’s Conquest, by developer Game Scorpion. As far as iOS games go, this one’s a unique breed, sporting a fully three-dimension gaming world with a female protagonist. Sadly, not much else about the game (save its randomized leveling system) is too original, making it a challenge to recommend easily. Still, the game is expansive, deeply scripted, and will appeal to any hardcore fan of the RPG genre. Not to mention the bargain price, which does a lot to keep Melina’s Conquest glued.

Story and Gameplay

As far as RPG games go, Melina’s Conquest’s storyline is somewhere between Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy IX. There’s a vague plot-line involving Melina’s sensei—er . . . master—being kidnapped by a certain Giglioblath: Sadly, his name isn’t the most bizarre to be found here. To retrieve her professor, Melina must smash and hack her way through 20 fully three-dimensional levels, blasting baddies, solving platforming puzzles, and generally looking good in mediaeval armor.

One of the things Melina’s Conquest has going for it is a unique focus on rogue-style RPG gameplay: Each of the 20 levels redesigns itself on the fly for each new account. This means no two players experience the same world, nor the same gameplay. We would have been more impressed by this, but sadly we still felt a little cramped. The hack-and-slash gameplay of Melina’s Conquest is extremely repetitive, and as entertaining as it is to explore the various scenery points, we’re clamoring for a bit more customization. Likewise, we would have murdered a troll—likely the mother-in-law, come to think of it—for an inventory screen. These are stock RPG elements that, we feel, should be included, barre none.


Design and Graphics

Melina's Conquest

Melina's Conquest

We are, however, fans of the fully three-dimensional gaming world created here. There’s an awkward camera system that makes it nearly impossible to see what’s going on half the time, but when everything goes smoothly, the environment has a very pleasant retro feel to it. The graphics are far from cutting-edge (a la Infinity Blade) but were still fans of the blocky, old-school feel, nonetheless. The controls were smooth, as well, though as stated the camera functionality needs a very desperate rework before being remotely useable.

Overall Value

At the end of the day, Melina’s Conquest is saved by the fact that it’s large: There’s a lot of gameplay to be had for a relatively low price, not to mention a fully three-dimensional gaming world. If you’re a fan of the genre, this is a cheap entry that might just tickle your pickle. For everyone else, Melina’s Conquest is still a hard sell until more customization and better camera controls enter the picture.

Melina's ConquestMelina’s Conquest requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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