iPhone 5 Breaking News : There is No iPhone 5 – Say Hello to iPhone 4s

iPhone 5

Photo Credit: Apple, Inc. News: Sara Shaw

Have you been counting the days until the new Apple iPhone 5 is released?  Have you been dreaming about the hardware and software updates it would have, and whether the new processor chip will take this smartphone to a whole new level of communication?  Today Apple took all of the speculation and anticipation in a whole new direction.

Today, Apple’s senior Vice President Philip Schiller announced that the newest iPhone will be the iPhone 4S! There will be no new look to this iPhone, unlike the highly anticipated rumors had described all over the internet since last May.   In fact this newest version of the smart phone looks exactly like the iPhone4 in appearance.

Graphics, Speed, and Gaming – Oh my

It’s the inside of this new iPhone where all the latest technology can be found.  Apple has installed the new dual-core A5 chip.  This chip, built by Samsung, is twice as fast as the A4 chip which means it can do twice the work, twice as fast for speedier downloads.  This newest technology allows for seven times faster graphics making for a much improved game play ability. That’s right, we said it – the graphics are slated to render seven times faster, and for gamers this alone is reason to rejoice and upgrade!

Talk Longer and Enjoy Better Call Quality

The battery has been improved as well.  Now iPhone owners can expect to have 8 hours of talk time, which translates to about 60 additional minutes when compared to the iPhone 4; and they’ll be very pleased to now get up to 40 hours of music listening time as well.

Concerned about dropped calls and overall call quality? We were, and this was one element that does warrant an upgrade. Thankfully, Apple agrees, and thus, the iPhone 4S is equipped with a new wireless system that allows it to “intelligently switch” Mr. Schiller said, between its two built-in antennas to send and receive data as fast as 4G phones.

Better Pictures – Vivid 1080p HD Video

The camera on the new iPhone 4S has been upgraded to 8 megapixels which is 60% more pixels than the iPhone 4. Its super charged video recording now empowers the device with crisp, clear, 1080p HD video, which is a welcomed improvement, giving the user a sharper image, and overall better quality, apparently even doing so in low light.


Need an Extra Hand? Ask Siri

One of the most cutting edge and innovative features of this new iPhone 4S is the virtual voice-activated personal assistant feature called Siri.  This incredible new technology allows the user to ask questions which it will answer.  Siri will read text messages out loud, and give voice reminders when programmed to do so.  These are just a few of the tasks it can do.

If you are eager to get your hands on the new iPhone technology, the wait won’t be long. In fact you can pre-order the iPhone 4S starting on October 7, and it will also be available in stores on October 14. However, it should be noted that the iPhone 4s will be exclusive to Verizon, AT&T and it’s newly introduced partner, Sprint.  It may not have changed its outward appearance, but what’s on the inside will take you to a whole new level of iPhone excellence!

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