Every Armchair Coach Can Be A Football Meister

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Football Meister iPhone App Video Review

Football Meister

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Ah, football! Blessed sport, you give us something to shout about on our days off, as well as something to obsess over during the off-season. You feed our three an hour beer habit, and you keep us angry at our EU neighbors. And now, thanks to the iPhone app Football Meister (Green Orange Digital Marketing) we can even further aggravate our footy addiction. Football Meister is a top-notch way to keep track of your favorite leagues, and with a wealth of socially competitive features thrown in, it’s a real catch for the sports fan in us all. Check out our iPhone app review for full details.

Concept and Functionality

Football Meister itself is somewhere between a bookie’s logs, a football events scheduler, and an online forum, offering features of each within the same, neatly tabbed interface. Though the app won’t help you gamble, Football Meister does offer you live results and game day schedules for a myriad of football leagues the globe over, keeping those in need up to date about upcoming matches. However, it also provides a quick way to check up on game results, keeping you in the know about finished scores.

However, the part we most enjoyed about Football Meister is its total social networking integration: There are other apps available that will keep you informed about football, but Football Meister is built from the ground up to offer you a competitive and engaging experience using nothing but your Facebook or Twitter account.

Users are required to create an account with Football Meister at start-up, which seems like a pain, but truly opens doors. Once created, an account can be used to create game day predictions—which are logged for Gowalla-style trophies—post upcoming events to Facebook or Twitter, or chat with friends about matches. The passively social atmosphere serves as a perfect compliment to the wealth of concrete information available, and we think it’s a flawless way to interact with fellow fans while on the go.


Design and Layout

Football Meister

Football Meister for iPhone

Just as we appreciated Football Meister’s smooth social capabilities, we also greatly appreciated the app for its design. The title makes extensive use of lists and tabbed navigational controls, those iOS mainstays we love seeing in new apps. We also found it particularly easy to navigate to our favourite teams and leagues, setting each aside for constant scrutinizing. The social controls were kept a click away thanks to the personal tab at the bottom, as well: Yet another feature we found pleasantly useful.

Overall Value

For a limited time only, Football Meister is completely free in the App Store. This means you can enjoy all of the app’s beautiful graphics, game day information, and online leader boards for nothing down. If that doesn’t please the football fan in you, then we seriously question your dedication to the sport. If you’re a fan (especially a European one) this app is a must-have.

Football MeisterFootball Meister requires iOS 4.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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One Response to “Every Armchair Coach Can Be A Football Meister”

  1. Kees Lina says:

    Great concept! The fixture tables are cool, but what I especially like is the gaming element: Predicting matches and show my friends who is the real ‘Football Meister’ ! :-)

    This is gonna be huge.

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