EZBuzz: The Savvy Lovechild of Your Pager and Voice Recorder

EZBuzz for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Price: $0.99

If you’re looking for a unique, voice-oriented way to save and manage to-dos from your iPhone, you can forget about using Siri: Instead, download the one dollar gem that is EZBuzz, by developer Practical Logix, and make your voice memos the easy way. The iPhone app isn’t perfect—we’d love a bit more calendar integration—but our iPhonea pp review found that it’s sensible UI and slick functionality makes it well worth the price of entry.

Concept and Functionality

What EZBuzz offers is simple: It allows users to select a time frame from a scrolling dates list, double click on a specified date, and then create simple, voice-based notes as quick reminders of tasks needing completion. In this sense, the app is most like other iPhone titles in the same lieu as Remember the Milk, or Things. EZBuzz doesn’t stop at simple voice notes, however, but also allows its users to append photos, notes, and alarms to the event. There’s not quite as much notes space as we’d like, but in the grand scheme of things, we’d much rather hear our own voices reminding us to grab bacon and eggs on the way home than read about it, anyway.

As mentioned earlier, we do wish the app came stock with a little more integration than it does. Most noticeably, we’d like to be able to export our notes directly to iCal on the iPhone, complete with audio annotations and everything. We haven’t lost hope that this might one day be added in future updates, but on top of things, we also find ourselves pining for a little smooth play inside Google Calendar, or any of our other preferred notes services: Looking at you Evernote. As is, EZBuzz is a bit like the selfish kid down the street. It’s holding a lot of pretty toys, but isn’t quite willing to share them yet.


Design and Layout

EZBuzz for iPhone

EZBuzz for iPhone

We’re pretty big fans of EZBuzz’ interface, we have to admit. The app is built around a central scrolling dates list that can be double clicked along any point to create a new todo. We find this much easier to use than iCal, or any of the other calendar applications we’ve played with, and we feel it’d make the life of a busy business professional at least marginally easier.

That being said, the lack of further Internet integration is a complete drag, and a big cramp in our style. This omission reduces the app’s business appeal, instead delegating it to the more domesticated status of apps like Remember the Milk.

Overall Value

Still, for the dollar EZBuzz costs, users can enjoy an incredible interface, awesome voice-based note creation, and smooth playback across the board. It’s a tight package, and one we hope tightens up more in the future. For the time being, though, the title is easily worth the quarter of a latte it will cost you.

EZBuzz for iPhoneEZBuzz requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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