These Might Be BadBirds (HD) But We Like ‘Em Anyway

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BadBirds HD iPad App Video Review

BadBirds HD for iPad

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

At first blush, one might assume from BadBirds HD’s title that it is yet another Angry Birds clone. However, developers RayArtAndGames have done a fair bit better than that, instead crafting a superbly physic-based action title with heaps of entertaining graphics, more than enough game modes to satiate even the hungriest of gamers, and a unique premise. It’s a comforting mix, and one we’re happy to say is angry avians free.

Concept and Gameplay

In BadBirds HD, users must defend their crops against a never-ending onslaught of maize-stealing avians. These birds fly overhead, sometimes wielding life-threatening bombs, and must be blasted in the number of ways provided to the user: Players are free to hurl trash at the buggers, knocking them out one by one; there’s the option to shake the iPhone or iPad to incapacitate them; or bombs—or even an instant kill—can be appended to the blighters with the mere touch of a finger. It’s a fun mix, and the variety in gameplay mechanics does a lot to keep the ball rolling.

Not to mention the fact that BadBirds HD comes stock with more than enough game modes to choke a horse. There’s a timed mode that lets players score as many points as possible within a given frame, as well as a more traditional arcade style offering. Both comes with three distinct difficulty settings, as does the included kids mode.

All in all, BadBirds HD is an expansive offering, especially when the low cost of entry is considered. We found the controls occasionally difficult to master, as the physics are slightly less organic than we might like. There’s also no Game Center integration, depriving the user of a good online leader board. However, considering all the other bells and whistles that have been appended here, we’re willing to overlook these modest oversights.


Design and Graphics

BadBirds HD for iPad

BadBirds HD for iPad

The graphics themselves are three dimensional, as well as two dimensional side-scrolling. This makes for an interesting mix that perfectly compliments the simplistic controls arrangement. As mentioned, we found the physics a bit hard to wrangle occasionally, but on the whole it took us no time at all to become accustomed to the manner of gameplay included here. Likewise, the cartoony graphics are enjoyable, as is the pleasant soundtrack.

Overall Value

What can we say? BadBirds HD is only a dollar in the App Store, which sounds like a bargain as far as we’re concerned. THe app comes with a wealth of entertaining gameplay, engagingly cartoony graphics, a unique approach to bird blasting that’s (thankfully) not a Rovio rip-off, and the price is absolutely spot-on. This one comes recommended from us, especially with the morning commute or boring queue in mind.

BadBirds HDBadBirds HD requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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