Alpha Combat – Defend Your Country: Macho Title, Geeky Arcade Glee

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 Alpha Combat: Defend Your Country iPhone App Review

Alpha Combat for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Alpha Combat: Defend Your Country iPhone app by developer Bluecloud, is yet another iPhone release to hark back to the golden era of arcade shoot-em-ups—you know, the kind you’d see at the local pizza joint on a Friday night. It’s chock full of blasting action, and if you’re a fan of the genre, you owe it yourself to try this Open Feint and Game Center enabled title. For our full thoughts on Alpha Combat, check out our iPhone app review below.

Concept and Gameplay

As mentioned, the gameplay of Alpha Combat is a near constant homage to a time when all one needed to craft a hit game was a couple of good sprites and an endless array of baddies. The app has players controlling a single plane that shoots a never-ending stream of bullets at wave after wave of oncoming baddies. Players control their plane with the use of a single finger, which at first was killer, though later on we decided we’d much rather make use of the iPhone’s built-in accelerometer to get the job done: Having a finger in the way really gummed up the works. Thankfully, our tilting desires are also included here, leaving us only with a distinct pining for a joystick or on-screen D-pad.

To offset this downside, however, Alpha Combat does come with a whole slew of weapons upgrades that keep the ball rolling. Likewise, there’s a whopping 7 levels (these are really more like missions) to keep the player interested, as well as more than enough achievements to choke a horse. If you’re into the kind of leader board heavy, skill building competitiveness that is Game Center and Open Feint integration, you’re in for a real treat with Alpha Combat: The game features both in spades, and will delight on the online diehard to no end. All in all, it’s a tight package that made us wax a little more than nostalgic over the good-old-days of top-down baddie blasting—though we’re certainly glad to save the quarters!


Design and Graphics

Alpha Combat for iPhone

Alpha Combat for iPhone

Aside from the lack of a joystick, we were quite enthralled with Alpha Combat’s excellent three dimensional graphics. This isn’t a completely 3D experience, as players view the action from a top-down perspective, though we found the mix of two dimensional gaming and 3D fun quite engaging.

However, we weren’t as big a fan of the in-app purchases, which are required to unlock new planes. We’ve already payed a dollar for the app, making us feel much less inclined to spend another on features we’d rather have as prizes.

Overall Value

That being said, the baddie blasting fun of Alpha Combat is only a dollar in the App Store. If you’re a fan of arcade shooters, you can hardly go wrong spending that kind of money. Likewise, as it won’t break the bank to test drive the action, Alpha Combat comes with our full recommendation.

Alpha CombatAlpha Combat: Defend Your Country requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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