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Alpha Combat – Defend Your Country: Macho Title, Geeky Arcade Glee

TweetPrice: $0.99 Rating:  Alpha Combat: Defend Your Country iPhone App Review Alpha Combat: Defend Your Country iPhone app by developer Bluecloud, is yet another iPhone release to hark back to the golden era of arcade shoot-em-ups—you know, the kind you’d see at the local pizza joint on a Friday night. It’s chock full of blasting […]


Pro Personal Trainer Shows you All the Right Moves

TweetPrice: $1.99 Rating: Pro Personal Trainer iPhone App Video Review If times of financial woe have caused you to skip the personal trainer, ditch the gym and start packing on the pounds, the Pro Personal Trainer iPhone app from Iconic Apps can help. Features: During out iPhone app review, we found Pro Personal Trainer to be […]


Buncee Pocket: Creative Communication, Now Free!

TweetPrice: Free Rating: Buncee Pocket iPhone App Video Review The art app dynamos at Buncee LLC made their unique style of creating on the go free with the Buncee Pocket iPhone app. Concept & Features: During our iPhone app review, we found out this little app lets you create unique scenes, messages and more, then […]