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Galaxy Pirate Adventure: Looks like Even Online, Plays Like Eve Online

TweetPrice: $4.99 Rating: Back in the day, we were rather large fans of a certain space faring title called Vendetta Online. For a modest fee per month, users could parade around the galaxy, blasting enemies, collecting missions, earning cash, and upgrading their armada to epic proportions. Since that golden era, there have been other games […]


EZBuzz: The Savvy Lovechild of Your Pager and Voice Recorder

TweetPrice: $0.99 Rating: If you’re looking for a unique, voice-oriented way to save and manage to-dos from your iPhone, you can forget about using Siri: Instead, download the one dollar gem that is EZBuzz, by developer Practical Logix, and make your voice memos the easy way. The iPhone app isn’t perfect—we’d love a bit more […]