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Weekly Roundup: Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of The Week

TweetWe won’t kid around: This week was a pretty great week to be an iPhone owner, what with iOS 5 coming out—after a hefty download, mind you—and the iPhone 4S being released on three carriers today. We didn’t just drool over the new products, though. No, we’ve got reviews ready to roll, including this weeks […]


Aeronauts: Quake In The Sky Offers Dogfight Simulator Nostalgia For Your iPhone

TweetPrice: Free Rating:  Aeronauts: Quake In The Sky iPhone app by developer JCE, is the kind off iPhone title that makes our nostalgia drives kick into turbo mode. The game reminds us of the golden era of top-down dogfight simulators, a world in which Geometry Wars didn’t exist, and Star Fox was still the epitome […]