Weekly Roundup: Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of The Week

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Winter is coming, but don’t think we’ve been sitting around on our keesters watching Game of Thrones all day! Nope—we’ve been reviewing iPhone apps and iPad apps like true madmen, and with that in mind, we’ve got your Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps Of The Week lined up and ready to roll. Before diving in, though, why not sample some of the killer iPhone apps we covered this week here at the iPhone App Review?

This Week’s Stand-Out Apps

This week we taught you how to annoy the bloody hell out of your friends, family, and coworkers with Sounds Annoying. We also showed you how to make a bit of money off that next big soccer match with Click4Soccer. Not to mention, we also threw an Angry Birds clone with a bit more teeth your way, featuring Beaver’s Revenge. Add to the mix one 80’s style arcade game, via HDX, and you’ve got yourself one full week of app reviewing!

Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Week

That might be it for our sneak peek, but don’t bugger off just yet! We’ve got your Top 5 iPhone and iPad apps ready just after the break.



Blogger – Free

Yessir, it’s finally here: Google just unleashed the official (and native) Blogger app for iPhone. It’s been a long time coming, and though many of us have already jumped ship to other blogging platforms, it’s a damn good thing anyway, and we’re happy to have it.

Google’s flagship blogging software has been modestly ported to iOS, bringing along with it the ability to post updates, add photos, tag posts, and slap out a few labels. It’s true mobile blogging, and though the feature set is basic, it’ll still please the on-the-go writer in a pinch. Best of all, this baby is 100% free in the App Store.



Kinetik – Free

Kinetik makes discovering new apps a social affair, allowing users to create an iPhone-based community in which people talk, post, and rate their favorite applications. In this sense, the app is a lot like App Shopper, or any of those other App Store browser: However, Kinetik has one-upped them all by attempting to create an entire online community.

New apps can be posted to the public feed or discussed individually. There’s also the option to export your latest (and greatest) finds to Facebook and Twitter. The user population is still a bit small, but Kinetik is growing steadily, making it one of the best utilities around for discovering killer new apps.



Mobli – Free

Mobli is better than Instagram—yeah, we said it. Sure, the ye olden photo classic is more popular, has more users, and comes with more filters than you can shake a stick at. However, Mobli offers a much more comprehensive service with better effects and even an online website.

Mobli is more-or-less another photo sharing app, but in almost every way it trumps its competitors. The filter effects are performed on the application’s servers, saving your iPhone’s battery and processor. Likewise, all of your photos are saved to your personal Mobli account, which can be viewed at your leisure from any PC with a browser. It’s a tight package, and though there aren’t as many users as around as on Instagram, the app has a lot of room to grow.



MadPad – $ .99

Smule (think Leaf Trombone, or Magic Piano) has done it again, creating a social music making app that provides a unique way to make tunes on your iPhone.

This time around, the California company has made it simple to take everyday moments and turn them into wicked mash ups. Just record an handful of video snippets, and then arrange them on the app’s drum pad. Tap the recorded samples, and they play back, opening up a world of beat-creating potential. It’s smooth, fun, and looks gorgeous on the iPhone: In essence, it’s everything you’d expect from an app by Smule.

kikin Browser

kikin Browser

kikin Browser – Free

We’re going out on a limb here, but we’re guessing you really wish Mobile Safari had tabbed navigation. If you’re like us, you also wish the browser had just a bit more functionality, and was slightly easier on the eyes. If so, then kikin Browser will please you with its charm, good looks, and rock-bottom price.

The app offers excellent tabbed navigation (a truly native-esque experience) as well as a handful of other unique features. Users can hold any visible text to produce an instant Google search for the term. The same works for directions, and with full support for easy bookmarking, a massive favorite websites spread, and enough matte finish to choke a horse, kikin Browser is a true Safari killer.

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