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Watch Me Change iPhone App Video Review

Watch Me Change for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Watch Me Change iPhone app, by developer MJH Apps, takes the concept first put forward by Photo365 and expands it, making the process even more personal and creative. With the iPhone app users can snap a single photo of their face over any length of time, and then watch their growth via a handy snapshot video. My iPhone app review found that it’s wonderfully functional, and makes it simple to study your subtle changes through the days, months, or even years. The price is right, to boot, making Watch Me Change an absolute steal.

Concept and Functionality

As stated, Watch Me Change draws on the concept first put forward by iPhone apps like Photo365, allowing users to take a photo a day and store it on their iPhone. Unlike the aforementioned hit, though, Watch Me Change doesn’t give the user a set period of time. Rather, it simply shows the user’s images day by day, letting the consumer decide when their growth no longer needs to be tracked.

Growth, of course, is the focus of Watch Me Change. The iPhone app makes it easy to track your changes over any length of time, whether you’re looking to watch your beard or hair grow, or observe the wrinkles deepen as the years go by. It’s a neat concept, and Watch Me Change will even remind you daily to take a snapshot of yourself.

This process is further simplified by the included eye, nose, and mouth overlays. These guides ensure that, day after day, your photos are kept square with one another by having you place guidelines across your eyes and mouth, as well as through your nose. This is important for the app’s video capabilities, which take the collected images and run them together as if you were changing in realtime. It’s a cool concept, and one that’s awesome to behold.

It’s also worth noting that Watch Me Change also boasts a pregnancy, and weight loss version, which is a boon for the app as it offers a tailored approach to functionality depending upon your specific needs.


Design and Layout

Watch Me Change for iPhone

Watch Me Change for iPhone

Watch Me Change doesn’t sport the prettiest interface we’ve ever seen (the matte finish and pastel board tones of Photo365 certainly have a leg up on it) but the layout can’t be faulted. All the necessary features are within reach, and the video viewer works like a charm. However, there’s no way to view your photos alone, which is a bit of a drag, especially if you want to reset the gridlines.

That being said, the various exporting options available for the video chain are very much appreciated, as well as the ability to export images to Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Overall Value

Best of all, Watch Me Change clocks in at the ever-sweet $0.99 mark in the App Store. We think that price is spot-on, as the app is easily worth every penny. It’s a neat concept, and one that will entertain, educate, and maybe even surprise. To us, that alone is easily worth a buck, as well as some time out of your day to take a quick mirror pic.

Watch Me ChangeWatch Me Change requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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